Thursday, March 16, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Prep!

St Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays! My grandmother was born and raised I. Ireland and still has her adorable accent and wit!
Fun fact: I'm actually a dual citizen of the US and Ireland! (Thanks to my sister for figuring it all out for us!)
My parents are coming over for dinner and leprechaun trap making! Setting traps for the leprechaun was one of my favorite traditions as a kid and I'm so excited to start the tradition with John Rex and Bridget.
My mom is making this deliciousness:
Corned Beef Sauerkraut Reuben Braid

I will post our finished product but I thought I'd share some ideas I found via the ole Pinterest machine!

And my favorite Irish Blessing: (Would also be a great toast!)

Don't forget to wear your green tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wishlist Wednesday

Still in my vacay shopping mode despite the recent awful weather we've had!

This is perfect for Spring/Summer with jeans or shorts! Love.
Gap Print Tank - on sale $32

True Story - I have probably tried on 40 off the shoulder tops and not liked how any of them looked on me.. But this one looks like it wouldn't be baggy like ALL the rest.
LA Made Imelda Top - $44

How cute is this little sundress?
Also comes in a cute blue color!
I'm also looking for a cool backpack to use as a diaper bag on our Cali-Disneyland vacation, this one is at the top of my list right now!
This would be so cute with jeans and a white top!
Loving these simple but unique flat sandals (also come in brown and black)
I really loved this t-shirt and I'm holding out b/c I can't bring myself to spend almost $70 on a t-shirt.. but it was SO cute on I'm hoping for a sale fairy soon!
Free People One shoulder Tee - $68 (in lots of colors)

Ordered this top during the ShopBop sale and I LOVE it. Cannot wait to live in it once it warms up!
Faithfull the Brand top - $110

That's all for today! Have a great rest of the week! We're setting traps for the leprechaun on Thursday night! Lots of fun! :)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wishlist Wednesday

I've got a super busy April so I've been trying to prepare for everything by shopping of course :)
Kicking things off I'm going to Cabo first weekend in April for one of my besties bachelorette party!! I could not be more excited!! But having 2 babies in 2ish years has taken a toll on my summer wardrobe.. I had Bridget early May and declared last summer "The Summer of Workout Wear!" So all I have from last summer are shorts that I bought at old navy that luckily don't fit anymore.. and my shorts from 2 years ago are really like 4-5 years old at this point..

So long story short.. I need new everything - shorts, swimsuits, tanks and even sandals!
Here's what is currently in my cart, just waiting for me to pull the trigger :)

Can't decide between this print, white or red? Has a super cute back too!
BP Cold Shoulder Top - $35.99
Main Image - BP. Cold Shoulder Top

Loving these espadrilles!
Slingback Espadrilles - On Sale for $99

Also love this breezy top!
Faithful the Brand - on Sale $81

Ordered this romper thinking it'd be the perfect outfit for the big bachelorette party night in Cabo but it was too short :( Super thankful for Free Returns
Endless Rose Romper - $83

I thought I'd crossed a lot of things off the list last week when I took a solo trip to target and brought 18 things to the dressing room with me.. thank you lord for the no limit at target anymore! I hated having to put something on to go exchange 5 items at a time..
But that 18 things resulted in me purchasing 2 swimsuits and 1 coverup! I thought yay!! I'm getting somewhere!! Then I got home... and started to put it all away... and realized I'm not 19 anymore and really shouldn't have bought what I did.. What was I thinking? Hangs head in shame.

So it all went back :(

I really wanted to like these.. But they were too tight on my feet..
Mossimo Slide Sandals - $27

This one I fell victim to the bottoms being cute, and didn't think about the top enough. :(
If you're able to pull it off I'm jealous! Now I'm thinking I should've kept the bottoms and just worn a black top maybe..
Xhiliration Bralette Bikini - top 17.99 - bottoms - 14.99

One thing I was excited about at the store and still excited about when I got home was this fun beach hat! It has the cutest red/pink tassels on the brim!
 Merona Panama Hat with Tassels - $14.99

Other good Target Finds I need to go back and checkout  -
Embroidered Kimono Cardigan - $24.99 LOVE THIS!

Asphalt Print Blouse - 19.99

SugarFix by Baublebar at Target is SO cute!! You definitely need to check it out!
Tassel Earrings - $12.99 came home with me :) Also come in pink or green

Thinking about getting these too.. I mean why not?
Beaded Tassel Earrings - $12.99 comes in 6 colors


Still on the hunt for lots of stuff.. send any shorts suggestions my way please!   And as always, happy shopping!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wishlist Wednesday

These are the easiest posts for me to write.. all about easy over here!


Without further ado - here's my current wishlist!

LOVE this shift dress! I think I need it for one of my sister's wedding events in the next year... Pink or orange?
Ruffle Shift Dress - $149
 Main Image - Chelsea28 Asymmetrical Ruffle Shift Dress
Also love this off the shoulder dress! Looks casual and cute!
Navy Off the Shoulder Dress - $79

Love this blouse
Lace Inset Peasant Top - $69

How pretty is this little necklace?
Anthro Seaside Necklace - $48

I always love a ruffle and love that this is sweatshirt material
Anthro Ruffle Top - $68

I just got this workout tank and LOVE it! It's long, not tight, has a racerback so you can wear a regular sports bra with it and it's cheap! I need every color! Oh and check out the cute back!
 C9 - Strappy Tank Top - $16.99

Need to get this cute jacket too! Perfect for walks, playground, errands, everything!
C9 - Layering Cardigan - $29

I'm also on the hunt for a slide sandal for this summer! Proving to be a harder search than I thought..
I was super jealous of Dave's Nike slip on sandals last summer.. I want something cuter that is ok to get wet.. 
Please someone tell me why these are a thing I'm seeing everywhere?
If you LOVE these - here's the link - they're only $595

Ok that's all for now! I'll be back next week with some more for you!
 John Rex turns 3 this weekend!!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I'm baaaaack!!!!

I've been wanting to get back to the ole blog for a long time now! I finally told a friend I was thinking about it and she said do it! I went back and looked and it was almost exactly 3 years since my last post.. so I'm taking that as a sign! I'm baaack! I've got plans to post a couple times a week so hopefully you'll keep coming back!


Here we are! 3 years later.. Had the baby obviously, then we moved to Tulsa, and then we had another baby -a girl this time! :)
They're everything and all the cliché mom love heart explosion sayings.

I've missed you all so much! Hoping to find my old followers and give you all a virtual excited hug a la Elaine!


That's all for now! Be back soon with lots of fun stuff I promise!!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bumpdate - 39.5 weeks!

How Far Along:
38.5 weeks in the pic but really I'm 3 days away now!!

Baby Size:
A small watermelon - Baby is approximately 20 inches long and weighs about 7.25 lbs (according to BabyCenter)

Have you started to show yet: 
Yeah, obvi.

Baby Boy!

Maternity Clothes:
yep, maternity clothes are necessary to get over this large bump. However that top in the pic is just a size up in an oversized sweater to begin with. Super comfy - if you're preggers and interested here's the link: F21 Classic Dolman Sweater - only $15 can't beat that.

Stretch Marks:
Nope! I'm amazed at the proportion I've grown without any marks! Still using the Mama Mio products and loving them! Pick up some for yourself here.

Sleep is hit or miss.. I've been SO stopped up that for weeks that for a while I couldn't sleep b/c i couldn't breathe. now I'm sleeping pretty good, just having trouble going back to sleep after my nightly bathroom breaks.

Best Moment Lately: 
Finishing up the nursery and finishing up at work! Now we just wait for Baby! I've also loved all the calls, texts and fb messages I've gotten lately. Lots of people are excited for our little one to get here and it's awesome! Really feeling the love lately.

What I miss: 
Hmm probably my shoe collection... The only comfortable shoes I have are my new slippers. I'm seriously considering making them my only pair I bring to the hospital.. other than that I've been living in my Puma sneaks I picked up on our trip to NY 7 years ago... comfort is key people.

Still getting good movement but I'm pretty sure he's run out of room. I keep telling him there's more room to play out here, my ribs aren't going anywhere buddy! 

Food Cravings:
Mostly just water or drinks. I feel like a fish! And OMG we've been having brunch at a local Guatemalan cafe after church every Sunday and it definitely is one of the only things that gets my butt out of the house these days... I'll totally be sending Dave to pick up to-go from here after the little man arrives!
I mean look at this, my mouth is watering..

The worst has to be the swelling.. Maternity leave should start when your cankles come in.Besides that I really can't complain, occasional back pain that makes me want to cry but what else is new?

Anything making you queasy or sick: 
Nope, pretty much everything sounds good.

Labor Signs:
I've had contractions randomly now for a few weeks. And I've been getting "checked" every week now, things are progressing and the doc thinks he'll be right on time!

Belly Button- In or Out?:
Definitely Out. I don't know how people's don't pop out? Doc assured me it would go back in after, thankfully.

Wedding Rings- On or Off?:
Off as of the past week or so. I can still wear just my diamond but not everyday.

Baby Purchases?:
We ordered all the rest of the little things we needed and I can officially say we're ready for baby now!

Looking forward to: 
John Rex's Birthday! And bringing him home :)

And I leave you with some Preggers Humor that's been getting me through these last few days: