Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tying Up Loose Wedding Ends

I've been crazy busy lately - I can't believe the wedding is exactly 2 months away! We've been spending a lot of free time working on the invitations and I'm proud to say that they are stamped and in the mail! Finally!!! :) I think they are just beautiful and can't wait for all of our guests to start getting them and RSVP'ing! Next up is the Rehearsal Dinner invitations, and I need to schedule a dress fitting ASAP - I can't believe my wedding dress is here at my house! It's making me so nervous that something is going to happen to it! (I didn't have time to get a fitting in Tulsa and decided it would be easier to find a tailor here in Norman) I also need to find shoes asap so the tailor knows how to hem the bottom! Anyone have any ideas on shoes? I want to be comfortable but chic. I really wish I could find an elegant wedge heel to wear - but all I can seem to find are casual wedges... So the hunt continues!
I found some at jcrew but I have a hard time paying so much for J.Crew shoes.. might as well go for Stuart Weitzman if I'm going to spend that much right?

Here's the J.Crew pair:

And the Stuart Weitzman's:

Monday, April 27, 2009

Manic Monday

I can't believe it's Monday already! How does Monday ALWAYS creep up on me? We had a great weekend! Saw Ron White at Riverwind Casino on Friday night. He was absolutely hilarious! If you've got thick skin you should definitely check out some of his stuff at . I laughed until I cried a couple of times! He had this laugh out loud funny plan to buy Mexico and flip it.. well just watch it it's funny! It was such a release after the horrible week I had at work! Proxy season is fully upon us and my team is understaffed so I've been working late every night. And by late I mean I didn't leave before 8 pm all week! Talk about draining! But we ended up going to get drinks with our good friends, Lindy and Ryan after and had a good time with the $2 well drink special at Blu! We always have fun with them - but this time was especially fun since we got to sit outside on a patio with drinks! Doesn't get much better than that!

Saturday, we drove to Tulsa for our engagement pictures that were rained out 2 weeks ago. It was Super Humid and Super Windy but we think we got some good pictures in between the gusts of wind! We decided to do a dressier outfit and a casual/more bohemian outfit and they both turned out awesome! So far we've only seen 2 of the pictures so here's a preview:

I seriously can't wait to see the rest! He's such a good photographer! Check his work out at

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wastin Away Again In Margaritaville

What a weekend! We went out with some friends Friday night and then woke up earlier than I would have liked Saturday morning to drive down to Frisco, TX for the Jimmy Buffett concert!! It was SO much fun! I can't wait to post some pictures! There were so many people there and we got to see some of our friends that we hadn't seen in a while. The concert was awesome but the pre-party tailgate was the best! This was our second year to road trip down to Frisco for the show and I can say it for sure won't be our last! We've got island fever now - can't wait for the honeymoon to relax on a beach with a frozen or fruity cocktail!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday To-Do's Piling Up!

It's Monday and I've started the to-do list for the week! So far I am able to cross one thing off - pick flowergirl dresses! Finally! I decided to go with a dress from J.crew since they are super cute, affordable and most importantly they do not take 4 months to come in! Here's a picture of the dress:

They will all look SO cute in it! They will all have pink and green pomanders to carry down the aisle since our priest suggested not to have them toss petals at the risk of someone slipping on one! That would be a disaster! I'm all about minimizing the risk of me falling - because I think the liklihood is higher when wearing a wedding dress with a veil and heels!

Hoefully that won't happen to me! Next up on the to-do list is to get addresses out to the people throwing me showers. I've been slacking and so I'm determined to cross that off my list tonight! Wish me luck! Next, I need to get a lock for my new bike that Dave got me for my birthday! It's SOOO cute! I can't wait to ride it since it rained yesterday. I want to get a basket for it and take Cooper for rides!

This Past Weekend

This past weekend was pretty eventful. Dave and I left Norman around 6 on Friday to head to Tulsa- there was tons of traffic on the turnpike! We went out to dinner Friday night at El Guapo's, my favorite mexican place in Tulsa! My whole family was there including Juls in town from KU, and my best friend Kellie and her boyfriend came with her Mom and her boyfriend! It was a blast! Although, we may have eaten too much since we were all way too stuffed to do anything fun afterwards!

Saturday was my birthday! 24 years old this year! woohoo! I had to take care of some business since we hadn't been to Tulsa in a while. Our invitations came in and there was a mess up on them so my mom, Dave and I headed to PaperChase to get our order fixed. Turns out they've had a lot of trouble with this brand of invitations we ordered... good to know now! But they said they'd get them fixed asap and would even ship them to us in Norman so we could get them sent out. So that's good! After we took care of that we headed to lunch at Pepper's in Utica Square, my whole family loves Pepper's! We've been going there since I was a kid - they have the best queso ever! It was such a nice day we walked around Utica Square and did a little shopping after lunch. Then Dave and I decided to venture out with Cooper, Boomer and Buster for a long afternoon walk. We are hoping Cooper will learn how to go on a walk without trying to pull you the whole way! My mom's dog's will walk right beside you the whole way! It's amazing!

We got back and my Nana and Grandpa came over for some homemade cookie cake - which tasted good but looked bizarre! (Thanks Dad!)I got to open my presents when they came over. My Mom got me this great bench to put at the foot of our bed. Which has baskets under it - my only hope to solve the pile of shoe mess that ensues at this place in the bedroom. She also got me lots of kitchen utensils all shaped like animals! haha! Duck chip clips, birdy scissors, and bird potato peeler. My Dad went his usual route of picking up a random gift and finding some kind of sentimental value that it has. I love this - my dad got me a bunny rabbit coin bank. He said it's my very own Dinka Jar. You're probably wondering wtf is a dinka jar? Well when I was little my dad had a big old glass water jug that he'd put all his change in, every few days he'd have a pocketfull of coins and we'd go into his office and "deposit" them into the Dinka Jar. We called it the Dinka Jar because of the noise they made when you dropped the coins in dinkadinkadink. Good memories. Thanks Dad!

Then Saturday night we went out to Leon's on Brookside and met up with some friends for a couple of birthday drinks!

Sunday was Easter so we woke up and went to Mass at Christ The King - Fr. O'Brien was doing mass in the gym so we decided to go to that one since he's awesome! We went to brunch at Full Moon and then had to take my Mom to the airport. She left for India again! But luckily this is her last trip for a few months. Thank the lord - we don't like it when she's gone!
It rained all day Sunday - we were supposed to do our engagement pictures but obviously they got cancelled... So we'll be re-scheduling those sometime soon!
Here's some pictures of the weekend and some of my birthday presents! Yay for Birthdays!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My First Blog!

I just decided that it would be fun to start a blog! It's a very exciting time in my life - I'm 3 months away from getting married!!! I'll go into detail about the engagement and wedding plans throughout this blog! So here it is - my first posting!!! I'm excited to stay in touch with friends and to have an outlet for being creative and sharing the things that I love with you all! I look forward to entertaining you all with Dave and I's random everyday happenings!

So here's a little bit about me in case you're a rando reading my blog who doesn't know me already.
I'm 24 - as of yesterday.
I'm from Tulsa and I Love Tulsa! I can't wait to live there again!
Lots of posts to come about why I love Tulsa.
I went to the University of Oklahoma in Norman. I still live in Norman.
I also Love Norman. More to come on my favorite things about Norman.
Current Interests: All things Wedding!!!
Last concert I went to: Yonder Mountain String Band in Austin.
First concert I went to: Dave Matthews Band at Texas Stadium with my Dad.
I might be having a wedding identity crisis... I change my mind almost daily on just about every decision I've made so far.
My Mom and friends love hearing about my changing my mind.
My Mom and friends have been great at remembering the line "Whatever you decide will be perfect!"
I have 2 dogs. They are the cutest dogs in the world.
I had their applications all filled out for the Tulsa People Cutest Dog contest and due to my severe procrastination and current unorganized house, missed the deadline. But they definitely would have won!
Here's the pictures I was going to submit:
Meet Nigel: He showed up on Dave's porch 3 years ago when he lived with Kyle and Andrew in the "Merlin House"
Nigel is the best fetcher known to our household.

Meet Cooper: He's a puppy here but he's still just as cute. He weighs 7 lbs but acts like the biggest dog in the room.
Don't be fooled by his small cute size - Cooper can sit, shake, lay down, pray, growl and his latest trick - roll over!

They definitely would have won.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog!