Friday, September 27, 2013

Pregnancy Faves So Far

The first trimester wasn't terrible for me - besides the extreme exhaustion I felt pretty good. But once the 2nd trimester hit I realized how much better I felt! Here is a list of my faves for all you other preggos or soon-to-be or someday will be!

Most of the time I felt like this:
Faves to help survive the first few months:

1. Diet GingerAle - I had one of these every morning, made me feel a lot better

2. Lucie's List - sign up for her emails and check out her Registry Info was really helpful to read (since you can't really buy anything until you find out the gender, it's a good time to start researching in general what you'll need)

3. The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy - this book is awesome, the writer is hilarious! My favorite chapter so far - "Why you shouldn't work out while you're pregnant and reasons why - You'll get fat anyways" love it.WAY more entertaining than What to Expect (which I also bought and fell asleep to one night and never picked up again)

4. LUNA protein bars - you need insane amounts of protein when you're pregnant (70g a day) and if chicken grosses you out you may have a hard time getting to the amount you need. These help and they're not terrible. They have 12g a bar and also help you feel full for a while. (You may feel like you're starving all day long like I do)

5. San Pellegrino Blood Orange - this stuff is delicious, it's a nice treat to have when everyone else is enjoying a cocktail, water gets boring after a while.

6. Fiber One 90 calorie brownies - these are actually quite tasty and are packed with fiber which you'll need a lot of, things just slow down when you're busy growing a baby.

7. the WISE baby - another great website/resource for baby products, I've probably looked through 30 of their "Real Mom Favorite Baby Products" Good stuff on here I tell ya.

I'll be back next week with a bumpdate! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What do you think??

We find out this week if we're having a boy or a girl! As soon as we found out we were expecting we've been wondering, I do not understand how people can wait. I can't even wait until the 20 week appt to find out.. we're finding out as early as possible!

What the Old Wives Tales Predict:
Carrying High or Low?: Low = BOY
Adolescent skin?: Nope = BOY
Ring Swing: Circle = BOY
Heart rate: Over 140 = GIRL
Cravings: Spicy foods = BOY
Chinese Gender Chart:  = GIRL
Mayan Calendar: My age (28) + this year (2013) not both even or odd #s = BOY
Morning Sickness: Not significantly = BOY
Dreams: We've both dreamt it's a boy which apparently means we're having the opposite? = GIRL
Mother's Intuition: I go back and forth but I finally decided I would be surprised if it was a boy so = GIRL

BOY = 5
GIRL = 5

So it's a Tie! What do you all think??

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My first Bumpdate! 15 weeks!

How Far Along:  
15 weeks! (pic was taken at 15.5 weeks)

Baby Size:
Apple- Baby is approximately 4 inches long and weighs 2 1/2 ounces

Have you started to show yet: 
Kind of... Sometimes I look pregnant but mostly I just look fat. Awesome times.

Don't know yet! Hopefully we'll know on Thursday!

Maternity Clothes:
Tops are all still pre-pregnancy, totally rocking the maternity jeans about half the time now. I've got a couple pairs of shorts that still fit, thankfully since it's not cooling off any in OK right now..

Stretch Marks:
No and hoping it stays that way!  Any recs for lotions/oils I should stock up on?

Sleeping good so far, have to get up to pee once a night and find it hard to fall back asleep after getting up some nights..

Best Moment of the Week: 
Hearing the heartbeat at my appt yesterday! Love hearing that sweet little sound! And having energy again! I keep thinking I'll wake up and not feel good or be tired all day but so far all that's gone!

What I miss: 
Being able to sit/stand through a football game without getting lightheaded.. come on heat! Let up already!

I think I've felt some little flutters when I'm laying down in the evening, can't wait to feel them full force! He/She is definitely moving though b/c sometimes I can feel a big hard lump in the front of my stomach which I'm convinced is the baby and other times it's not there, I think he/she is moving from my front to the back.

Food Cravings: 
Chips and Salsa - like really good salsa from a restaurant, I could eat it with a spoon!

feeling lightheaded and faint at the OU season opener... it was over 100 degrees and I couldn't handle it so we opted to watch the game from a bar with air conditioning instead.

Anything making you queasy or sick: 

Labor Signs:

Belly Button- In or Out?:

Wedding Rings- On or Off?:

Baby Purchases?:
We got a King Sized Bed last week, not exactly for the baby but I think it counts? We were rocking a full sized bed and I just knew it wouldn't last the whole 9 months..New saying in our house "Bed is the new couch" we're freaking obsessed.

Looking forward to: 
Finding out the gender on Thursday and getting to see the little bean in the process! 

Did I miss any good questions on this Bumpdate? I tried to compile a list from a few of your blogs, let me know if there's any super fun question I need to add!

Exciting News!!

We're Pregnant!!!! We couldn't be more excited to share this news!
Here's a rundown of it all for ya!

I found out I was pregnant on Dave's birthday which was awesome! Dave had to be at school early that day so he'd already left when I took the test.. So I had to wait ALL day before I could share the news. I decided I'd wrap the test up as a birthday present and have him open it. I was getting so impatient because he was taking so long to open the other gifts! Finally he got to the last envelope! His reaction was so sweet! "Really?!"
Me: "I think there's a line on there, do you see a line too?!"
Dave: "Yeah, does that mean it's for real?"
Me: "I think so?"
Cue us driving to CVS to get a digital test to take the next morning. I woke up early and took the test, it said to wait 2 minutes and it only took about 20 seconds to show up Pregnant! Woo!! it's official!

Next step was getting the Dr appt and trying to keep it a secret! Let me just say that it's totally unfair how you're not supposed to tell for 12 weeks when those first few weeks you have the worst symptoms! I remember one day sitting at my desk thinking I could easily fall asleep sitting in my desk chair. Or sitting in meetings thinking how nauseous I felt... those were some rough weeks.

doing the thinker in the womb.. def gonna be a smart kid.

Due Date: February 28th

Telling my parents!

Keeping it real.. that top pic took us about 30 tries to get right..

I plan on doing bumpdates but I'm too lazy to go back and type them out for past weeks... so here's the pics with no bumpdate to go along with :)

10 weeks was the size of a kumquat so we took a pic by my sister's kumquat tree!

Stay tuned for more!

I feel like I need to let you all know out there to be careful with using the app "Period Tracker" b/c it totally failed me.. So just as a PSA to all of you who aren't quite trying yet, be careful with the app!
Luckily we were trying so all was good! (Ask if you have questions - I'll answer, I just don't feel like typing out all my business here)