Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Real Housewives Ridiculousness!

The RHONJ reunion part 1 was nuts last night! I'm glad we finally know what everyone was talking about at the last reunion regarding what Danielle did to Dina. I also really liked Teresa's dress! Wasn't it cute?
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Then I was reading Dlisted and found out why Danielle got her so heated when she mentioned how Teresa didn't go visit her "nephew" when he was born.  Turns out it may have been her husbands lovechild and not a nephew.... You know what they say - Bravo knows DRAMA! haha wow. I'm a nerd. In case you're wondering - here's a link to my source.

They've also officially announced the ladies who will be on RHO Beverly Hills. Including Paris Hilton's aunt, Kelsey Grammer's ex-wife. Read all about it here.
 RHOBH has some potential, I'll be watching. Not that I discriminate against the Real Housewives. I hated the first 2 episodes of DC and yet I'm still watching. 
I like Mary's family and Stacie seems the most real and down to earth, but Michaele is definitely on something and Cat is exactly how Stacie put it, "Straight up Rude!" 
What do you all think?

GameDay Outfits Obsession

OU kicks off this Saturday in Norman, which means one thing to me - what do I wear?
Each year, no matter how many red and white combos I come up with, I dislike them the next year. Is this normal? And so the obsession to find a new perfect gameday outfit begins... And this year there are 3 straight Saturday home games in a row. Which means I need 3 new outfits. (sorry Dave, I'll try and reuse something from last year)
Here are my favorites from last year, I'm still loving the sweetheart top striped tank but I think it'll be too warm for jeans... maybe not if it's a night game. Hmm so many things to think about...

I started looking for the perfect Red and White dress, haven't had any luck. But I did find a cute, cheap black skirt... Now onto finding the perfect red tanktop or t-shirt to go with it.. Why is OU red so hard to find?? Seriously, I've looked at all the usual places. Target, Old Navy, Gap, Banana, J.Crew, Saks, ShopBop, (Notice how these are getting increasingly more expensive? Not a good road to go down.) Unfortunately or Luckily depending on who you talk to, I wasn't able to find anything worth my while at any of these places. :(

Today I plan on venturing out to some of the campus corner boutiques over my lunch hour. Please please cross your fingers for me so that I don't have to wear a 3-peat outfit the next 3 weekends. And if you have any ideas where I can find something adorable and affordable I'd love you forever! 

Lots of love,
Red and White clothes obsessive.
This is my brain hunting for red and white clothes. Yikes!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I wish this was my to-do list!

How do I get this to be my to-do list?

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I remember when I was younger and would do nothing during the summer break. My Dad would see me heating up a toaster strudel at 11am and tell me, "Do something productive today, anything." I think that has always stuck with me. Although, I'm not sure making a plate of nachos and remembering to scrape the cheese off the plate afterwards is considered productive. But somedays that's as productive as I can handle to be, as it turns out, Dental students like to party and my hangovers get worse with age. Anyone have a miracle cure because I don't see these next 4 years slowing down at all! What's your hangover secret? Have you ever had a to-do list like this? I know Emily hasn't.

worWordless Wednesday

10 days til kickoff!

Monday, August 23, 2010

First Anniversary in Sunny Florida!

We had an amazing trip for our first anniversary! It was a month or so after thanks to Dental school but it worked out perfectly!

I took a few pics... so here's the highlight reel:
  • Dave's awesome Mom let us borrow her sweet ride to take on our 15 hour road trip! We had a few minor speed bumps regarding with XM radio station we could stick with but besides that the ride was brilliantly smooth! Thanks Opal!
    • And of course every road trip has necessities:

  • The weather was great! We had at least a few hours of sunshine each day except for our last day which was fine, as we were exhausted from a fun dinner and a long crab hunt with Lindy and Ryan!There were clear days,

And there were stormy days,

  • We enjoyed being walking distance to The Back Porch. It was nice being able to enjoy a daily Back Porch Punch or Frozen Vodka Pink Lemonade while basking in the sun!

  • We made a Wal-Mart trip so we had some snacks at the condo and I'm super jealous that you can buy wine and champagne at WalMart's everywhere else!
Daily morning mimosas!

  • Loved laying out at the beach, there was no oil or tar balls anywhere! And there were hardly any people there. (Probably due to the oil spill scare) But we enjoyed having our pick of chairs and plenty of room to play in the rough waters!

  • Finished The Nanny Returns sitting in that chair! It was good, took a while to get going, I was bored at first and couldn't quite remember everyone from the first Nanny Diaries book. But once it picked up speed I loved it!

  • We hunted for crabs on the beach at night, caught a few, lost a few... but had fun nonetheless!

    • Dave scared me by showing me how many tiny crabs were actually running around... it looked like a horror movie preview.
  • We enjoyed downtime on our balcony with some tunes and some scrabble!

(I beat Dave by about 40 points... I may not be smart enough for Dental School but I can kick some butt in Scrabble!)

Nightly glass of vino on the balcony!

  • I got the courage to wear my new beach hat! 
I even sported it on a trip to Seaside for dinner at Bud & Alley's Taco Bar

  • We LOVED our first visit to Seaside (I'd been before, so really it was Dave's first) Going for a low key night, we opted for the Taco Bar and were pleasantly surprised that The Truman Show was playing in the courtyard! So we got some gelato and enjoyed the show on the lawn. It was the perfect evening. :)
Our view from dinner:

  • Dave planned an entire day for our anniversary celebration! It was perfect! Started with a yummy breakfast on the balcony, followed by some shopping, laying out at the beach with beverages, dinner at the best restaurant in Destin, Louisiana Lagniappe, fireworks over the bay, an anniversary gift and a walk on the beach! (See I told you it was perfect!)
Our breakfast view:

Shopping was fun but I didn't find much, all the stores had their fall stuff out and it's hard to buy wintery clothes when you're in your cover up...
But I did score the J.Crew Pixie Pants for half price!

Beach Time:

In the shade - saving our skin from wrinkles! Mom would be proud!

Ready for Dinner:

Surprise fireworks Dave planned they do every Thursday at some Casino down the bay.
Thanks for planning the best anniversary day I've ever heard of, you're the best!

  • We got lucky that our bff's were going to be in the same part of Florida for their 2nd anniversary trip! They came down at the end of our trip and we got to spend our last 2 nights with them, it was the perfect ending to our perfect trip! We always have fun together, here's the proof:
Pre-dinner balcony pics!

On the walk to dinner, Lindy was inspired and wanted to have a photo shoot for us!

Then the guys started with the "That's what she saids" and it was all downhill from there...

Not a bad spot to wait for a table, toes in the sand and drink in your hand!

Our table was ready and this happened... haha!

  • We ended the night with a long walk down the beach hunting for crabs maliciously slamming the net into the ground at crabs. We may have had one too many Back Porch punches b/c we didn't catch very many crabs and we were definitely stumbling but that's probably because walking in the sand is hard!

  • It rained the next day so we laid around the condo reading and watching tennis and headed to Seaside to have a pre-dinner drink or two, some yummy appetizers and a game of cards at Lindy and Ryan's townhouse! (Which was beautiful by the way!)
On their balcony:
Look what I spotted on their balcony! Looks just like mine. :)
Dinner at RedBar wasn't just dinner, it was an experience of a lifetime! Seriously, some of the best live music with some of our best friends eating and drinking some of the best food! It was definitely a night for the books!

Dave ordered after dinner coffee and we all made fun of him.

I hope you enjoyed the highlights of our trip! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, or Comment! Peace my friends!