Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dog Relatives

Collective thought: Are the dog days really over?

Uncle Boomer, Uncle Buster, Cooper and Nigel

Don't worry they're not over guys. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

OU vs. Tulsa - 1st Gameday!

The Sooners played Tulsa in the season opener over Labor Day weekend
It was 102 degrees out, I wore my new red dress and my hair was up within 5 minutes. Just setting the scene for you all. 
Oh and my family came! My Dad hooked us up with a Solar Powered generator to keep our fan going all day. If you're in the Oklahoma, Kansas or Texas area and want to go green he's your guy! Check out his Facebook page here
Me and seeester - that's not sweat, I'm glistening. 
It felt like we were in Mexico, so naturally we started the day with margaritas!
 Mom and bro rockin the crimson!
 We were super excited to use our new tailgate gear! These chairs are the best - the side table is where it's at. I got Dave one for Christmas and decided I needed my own... isn't that how it always goes? We also got this sweet new portable grill that is also an ipod speaker! It gets pretty loud, we definitely stepped it up this year with the party atmosphere!
Lots of beer pong was played, on the new beer pong table - that I got Dave for his birthday - go ahead and award me the wife of the year trophy.

The whole shebang
 With the fam - somehow we managed to not take a photo all together, we were having too much fun I guess.
Dave and his Dad and other brother in law Matt. 
Dental school wives and one dental school student.
Dental school tailgating friends
Kickoff wasn't until 7 so we had a looong day of tailgating before making it into the game.

The Sooners won 47-14 ! I'd say it was a successful day!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Roddick v. Fish in OKC

Last night we saw Andy Roddick play Mardy Fish in an exhibition match in OKC.

The best part of the night was when Roddick did impressions of other tennis player's serves. He starts with Sampras, then Sharapova, then Nadal and he finishes with Serena. It was hilarious!

Please ignore my annoying laugh and shaking hand... kthanks.

 If you ever have a chance to see an exhibition match, Go! It was very entertaining! Now we have a goal to attend all 4 Grand Slam tournament before we die. London, Paris, Melbourne and New York. Not bad for travel destinations!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Night Lights Love

Friday Night Lights - we started watching it this summer when a good friend said I reminded her of the wife on the show, (which i now realize is a HUGE compliment! Thanks Ashley!) so I watched episode 1 and was hooked.  I got Dave to start watching it with me and we flew through the seasons this summer - then we finished it on Sunday.

It deserves a post because of the time we have spent watching it but also because of how much I loved the series. Coach Taylor and Tami were such a solid couple and it was so refreshing to watch a married couple that didn't cheat on each other and were real. I'm very happy with how the series ended, it tied up all of the characters story lines and I'm not gonna lie, had me in tears. I'm sad that it's over.

Oh and if you haven't watched FNL and still need convincing - Tim Riggins should do the trick:

What will fill the void now?
Anyone have any good recommendations? I'm currently watching a bunch of reality tv mostly: Real Housewives of New Jersey, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Rachel Zoe Project, Most Eligible Dallas, Border Wars (I know, random but I got hooked one day and it's pretty interesting) and a few non-reality programs: It's Always Sunny, Up All Night, How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family as soon as it starts. Wow. That's a lot. Maybe I don't need any other tv shows... yikes!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dinner Club Fun!

We've started a little dinner club with our friends, so every Wednesday we all get together and eat at someone's house. It's a lot of fun and gives me a reason to drink wine in the middle of the week. Done and done.
The first week I made the stuffed peppers - they were a huge hit. The next week Ashley and Kyle hosted and made their famous My Pie pizza! It was deeelish! We had to take a group pic because we all brought our dogs over! Look at this crazy group!
The guys hosted us at their bachelor pad one week and then it was back to our house - mostly because I wanted to show off our new dining room table!
I made a couple of recipes I found off of Pinterest - duh!
I served the Baked Chicken and Roasted Red Pepper Taquitos from Pinterest

And I made Pioneer woman's Restaurant style salsa - yumm!!
This is my picture to prove we can comfortably fit 9 people at our new table - now we just need enough chairs to fit them all...

And for dessert we had this little treat that I found on pinterest! Mine isn't as glamorous because I don't have the fancy glasses...

We used all our wine glasses to drink wine but I did happen to have 9 cute little FiestaWare teacups that worked out perfectly!
The lime sherbet was a little hard so I had to enlist some muscle for that part of the recipe.
I took care of the good part - the tequila that is.
Oh I lined the rims in salt - I forgot to mention that step.
Dave taste tested before we delivered them to our guests. I swear he liked it - he's just exhausted from school this semester. This was the only night he didn't spend 5 hours in the lab at school after being in class from 8-5. Poor guy.
Kyle was definitely excited for his nightcap/dessert!
Meghan demonstrated how to properly eat her dessert from a teacup, with her giant spoon b/c we ran out of teaspoons. How I managed to register for half a set of silverware I'll never know. 
It was a hit and I can't wait for the next dinner club! If anyone has any fun recipe suggestions shoot them my way! I totally want to be the best dinner club hostess! (not that it's a competition or anything...)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Denver Girls Trip!

Hello blog,
It's been a while. I know you've missed me. I'm back to share a fun girls trip I went on a couple of weeks ago! My lovely friend, AnneMarie hosted us, let us crash her place and planned an amazing weekend!
Goodies waiting for us when we arrived! Cookies and presents - such a nice welcome!
The first night we went out to eat at an old mortuary, yes you read that right. There used to be dead bodies there. Apparently it's the hot place to go in Denver, as everyone we told was impressed we were able to get in! The food and drinks were great and we didn't see any dead bodies or spirits while we were there :)
After dinner, we checked out the rooftop for the views.. where I failed to get a non-blurry picture. It was pretty, trust me.

After dinner, we did a little bar-hopping until we found a good scene. If you're wondering - our scene is anywhere where there's not a jersey shore atmosphere and where guys might be wearing sweatbands for fun.  We met up with our friend Rodine, who bought us all too many shots and then roses, not sure why the flower guy is in our pic but I'm sure we asked him to be in it.
The next morning was rough, but we managed to make it to brunch at Mona's
After a couple mimosa's and bloody mary's we were due for a nap. Then we walked to the Rockie's game. Did I mention AnneMarie's house is in the best location ever!? Well it is.

It was the perfect day for an afternoon game!
After the game we walked to The Tavern to watch some college football and feast on some bar food!
I don't know how that salad got mixed in with the rest of the bar food... which one does not belong?
It was all downhill from here... we went out for a little bit Saturday night and Marissa and I had a long taxi ride to find some tacos. The next morning we had to head straight to the airport. It was an awesome weekend with some great friends! Where to next girls?