Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dinner Club Fun!

We've started a little dinner club with our friends, so every Wednesday we all get together and eat at someone's house. It's a lot of fun and gives me a reason to drink wine in the middle of the week. Done and done.
The first week I made the stuffed peppers - they were a huge hit. The next week Ashley and Kyle hosted and made their famous My Pie pizza! It was deeelish! We had to take a group pic because we all brought our dogs over! Look at this crazy group!
The guys hosted us at their bachelor pad one week and then it was back to our house - mostly because I wanted to show off our new dining room table!
I made a couple of recipes I found off of Pinterest - duh!
I served the Baked Chicken and Roasted Red Pepper Taquitos from Pinterest

And I made Pioneer woman's Restaurant style salsa - yumm!!
This is my picture to prove we can comfortably fit 9 people at our new table - now we just need enough chairs to fit them all...

And for dessert we had this little treat that I found on pinterest! Mine isn't as glamorous because I don't have the fancy glasses...

We used all our wine glasses to drink wine but I did happen to have 9 cute little FiestaWare teacups that worked out perfectly!
The lime sherbet was a little hard so I had to enlist some muscle for that part of the recipe.
I took care of the good part - the tequila that is.
Oh I lined the rims in salt - I forgot to mention that step.
Dave taste tested before we delivered them to our guests. I swear he liked it - he's just exhausted from school this semester. This was the only night he didn't spend 5 hours in the lab at school after being in class from 8-5. Poor guy.
Kyle was definitely excited for his nightcap/dessert!
Meghan demonstrated how to properly eat her dessert from a teacup, with her giant spoon b/c we ran out of teaspoons. How I managed to register for half a set of silverware I'll never know. 
It was a hit and I can't wait for the next dinner club! If anyone has any fun recipe suggestions shoot them my way! I totally want to be the best dinner club hostess! (not that it's a competition or anything...)


Sweet Simplicity said...

What a fun, weekly ritual! The food looks amazing.

ChasingHallie said...

We do a weekly dinner club with friends too! So much fun!

katie@tulsadetails said...

So fun! Tell me more about this pizza you speak of! And the dessert-I want!!!

Unknown said...

OH MY GOSH! I've been talking about those margarita/sorbet treats for a week now! I saw them on pinterest too but haven't made them yet. I am so glad to hear your review!! We have a dinner club that has been meeting for 3 years now and we have the best time. Looks like you're going to love yours too. :)

California Wife said...

I'm so jealous of your supper club with friends! I would love to do something like that! Your dinner looks perfect!

Jax said...

So fun! I want a dinner club! And pinterest has totally made me a zillion times more domestic than I used to be! :)