Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy 21st Birthday Juls!!!

Today is the day. My little sister is finally 21! I (obviously) took off work tomorrow and am driving to Tulsa tonight to celebrate!
Happiest of Birthday Wishes to the best person to spend a day drinking at the beach in Barcelona with...
My favorite person to sport insane crazy windblown hair with...
The most go-with-the-flow person to be stranded at a bar (with no money) on an Island in Belize with...
The person who makes holidays at home with the fam a blast!

I know we'll have as much fun celebrating your 21st as we did the night we discovered pitchers of sangria were only 2 euro more than beer in that cave bar...
 Oh and did I mention she has an awesome music blog?? Check-it-out! (Joey Gladstone style)

Gotta introduce the sis to my new favorite shot - have you heard of a Pineapple Upside Down Cake ?
Yummm! See you soon Seeeeeester! Love you!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Pics!

We had a great rainy Easter! Dave and I went to Church then I reverted back to my old childhood Easter ways and changed out of my Easter clothes the second we got home, and stuffed my face with some Reese's pieces. Then I did some baking while Dave made the best breakfast burrito he's ever made! Way to go Dave!
I {of course} paired it with a mimosa!
I copied Emily's (or maybe I should say Cate's?) birds nest treat she made... I did my best.
Then I had to make Cake Balls at the request of... hmm just about everyone! Yummm! They were a big hit!
We took our treats to Dave's Aunts house where we also hunted Easter eggs! Yes, I'm 26 years old and I full on ran for Easter eggs! It was hilarious!
Our eggs combined with Kristin and Matt's!

 It was a great Easter! I hope yours was just as fun!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Summer Movie Previews!!

They finally released some more Hangover 2 movie trailers!  Looks AWESOME!

And have you heard of Bad Teacher? Looks like Cameron Diaz is going back to comedy! I seriously laughed out loud watching this, SO funny!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Highlights and Lowlights

Thinking about starting a new weekly series... we all know how good I am at sticking with them so let's call this more of a sporadic weekly series :) Sporadic means once in a while, try using it in a sentence today.
Also, you'll get to enjoy my google image searching skills! Hooray!

New kitchen rug arrived yesterday!

The tennis pro playing on the court next to us told me he could tell I played competitively! Ego-Boost!
Sorry Dave, he gave us his card, maybe we can get you some lessons? JK!
Purchased Mint Julep cups, and planted Mint in my herb garden! Officially ready for summer!
Finding my new favorite take out lunch! Quizno's Flatbread Sammies are AMAZING! Seriously, I went 3 days in a row... and I now know that the Quizno's staff doesn't change on a day to day basis. I wonder how many times I'm going to have to ask for low fat mayo instead of chipotle before they just remember?

Mother in law telling me she thinks I look like Kate Middleton and has a picture of Dave and I on her desk that her co-workers agree! (I only wish...)


Being so flattered by Kate Middleton compliment I almost cry... yikes.
Locking myself out of the house on Monday, when I was leaving for work. Locked the door and walked out with no keys. Fail. Luckily Dave was able to come let me back in, so I just chilled on the back porch for 15 minutes.
{creepy google image of a woman locked out}

Getting a runny nose while brushing my teeth...lowlight for sure.
{2nd image that shows up when you google image search: brushing teeth.}

Realizing new kitchen rug clashes with kitchen curtains :(
Oh well, guess I'll have to make a trip to PB this weekend for this beauty:
Spending $60 to fill up my car with gas for the week. :(

Going to a new eye doctor, he called me "girl" at least 20 times. The appt went something like this:
Him: "Now girl, what are you having problems with?"
Me: "Well, I drunkenly lost my glasses at the Kings of Leon concert and my prescription expired so I have to see you before I can order another pair."
Him: "Oh that's funny, well let's get ya some great new glasses girl!" "Miss Amanda, will you help Miss Christine pick out the perfect pair of glasses? She's a referral from Miss Emily so take good care of our girl"
Me: "I just want the same ones I had before."
Him: "Well when you find a pair you like, you know they work right girl!"
Me: "Yep" (rolling eyes)
What are some of your highs and lows this week so far?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mint Juleps!

Somebody convince me I need these??? They're multi-purpose: mint julep cups & mini vases!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Great Birthday!!!

This weekend ended the birthday celebrations for me, so I thought I'd give you a little highlight reel!
My parents took us out to a delicious mimosa brunch!
My Mom took me on a mini-shopping spree to Pottery Barn and Anthro!
I came home with a few gallery frames, a new candleholder, a new basket and some new hand towels! My family also contributed to the "new bed fund"!

My co-workers got me a yummy cake!
I came home from work to find this lovely display from the Hubbs!
 Dave got me one of the giraffe candle holders from Anthro! I named him Geoffrey!
He also got me an antique wooden sugar mold that I'd been dying for since Christmas! It prompted me to re-do the mantle for summer!

Fun right??

We went to a delicious dinner at Mama Rojas with Dave's family and I stuffed myself on chips and queso and some of these:
They also helped contribute to the "new bed fund" and suprised me with this awesome tiered server!

Which I totally can't wait to use to throw my friend Stephanie a shower! She asked me to be her bridesmaid on my birthday! Such a great gift! I can't wait for all the wedding festivities!
My friend Patti sent me these awesome new earrings, that I've been sporting since I got them!

We hit up Bossa Nova (our place) for happy hour with Lindy and Ryan for some b-day drinks!
And to finish off the B-day Celebrating we went to an awesome dinner at Sushi Neko with Ashley and Kyle!
They gave me a balloon, a free dessert and took our picture! Say Sushi! haha!
It was a fabulous birthday and I can't wait for next years! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spent many hours out here this weekend!

I <3 Spring Evenings by the Chiminea! (with a margarita of course!)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What a Weekend!

Friday I got Shellacked for the first time! I'm quite impressed and nobody believes they are my real nails! Hopefully they last me through this weekend too, we'll see. I'm not sure they tested the shellac on a tennis players nails...
Friday night we had so much fun at the Kings of Leon with Dave's whole family! We pre-gamed with friends and my Dad beforehand.

After the concert we ran into good friends, Patti and crew at The Max and I told Patti I was sick of slouching down in our pictures, so I picked her up! Evidence of having a great night... when you convince your bff to let her pick you up for a picture. :)
Saturday morning errr noon we met up with friends for brunch! Yummiest mimosa's and breakfast pizza ever at Leon's Brookside.
Saturday night we attended our good friends Chance and Rick's wedding and had THE best time!
The reception was held at The Cain's Ballroom, which is home to many a great concert, so when we walked in we found our table numbers by our concert tickets! Such a cute idea! (this is mainly for Katie b/c I know she loves all the details!)
I absolutely loved their table decorations, so much so that chance let me take one home! she made those wooden frames herself! Love it!
 {we had a windy walk from the car... hence the windblown look}
 How awesome are the cakes? The grooms cake was an OU cooler full of beer! The ice was sugar cubes! Such a fun idea!
They served BedlamTini's in honor of their split household. Dave couldn't resist.
 Taryn and I both had the same idea, Spring wedding? Pink!!!
Andrea and I discovered we could both C-walk.
Then we picked up Patti again... (or she faked it by climbing on a chair we'll never tell)
Photobooths at weddings = A guaranteed good time!

 {I left these small for obvious reasons}
With the gorgeous bride!
 Nick came prepared, in case something went wrong with his groomsmen tux, he had a backup underneath!
Having a goooood time!
Dave and Taryn scored a pitcher of BedlamTini's!
We ended the night at the after party singing along to "What do tigers dream of"

Sunday, we enjoyed another delicious brunch at Leon's with my family to celebrate my birthday! It was a super fantastical weekend! I hope you all had a blast as well!