Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Things I've Bought That I Love - Stolen Title

*Stolen Title from Mindy Kaling's Blog - she's hilarious, I'll attempt to entertain you but I'll get nowhere close to her level..

It's been a while, I know. I promise to come back more regularly as long as you promise to put up with stolen titles and random/nonsense/inconsistent blogging. Deal? Deal.

Moving on. Here are a few things I've bought that I love lately!
LOFT - Tassel Necklace - on sale for $29! 

I seriously stalked this until it went on sale, it's the perfect summer necklace! I wore it to a wedding last weekend and then to a cookout the next night, love the versatility! (I also saw this on E! News after I bought it soooo that means it's good right?)

Got a new iPhone case in San Fran! Obsessed with it! If you follow me on Instagram (username: tinebaugh)- you may remember I bought an ikat case from C Wonder not too long ago, well that one was super cute but it did the weird fuzzy effect when using the camera so I had to kick it to the curb. I tested this one out and it's PERFECT!
Rifle Paper Co - iPhone Case - iPhone4 or iPhone5

Cute new blouse - also from the San Fran trip! We did a lot of shopping :)
Mango - Crossed Back Blouse - On sale! $29

I've had quite the fun time trying to find new shoes... I think my mom and I looked at 25 different places in San Fran... Then I came home and found these at the store down the street. Love them, so comfy and cute.
Sperry - Hayden Loafers - $85

Summery Top from J.Crew on total huge sale! Comes in Navy stripe also, I debated between the 2 for a looong time and finally decided on the pink for reasons I can't remember anymore. (Note: this runs big, I got an XS)
J.Crew Stitchwork Stripe Top - on sale for $49! 

And on a totally unrelated note, I bought Dave a toaster for his birthday. Before you think that's weird, you have to know that he toasts bread in our oven almost everyday and our kitchen is tiny so we really had nowhere to put one. Then I saw this one in my House Beautiful mag and had to have it, so we made room :)

Hope I still have some readers out there! I'll try and keep you loyal folks updated more often from now on! I miss you all!