Friday, July 30, 2010

Funny Video!

After enjoying the season premier of Jersey Shore, which was amazing by the way, and seeing who got voted off of SYTYCD, we landed on the Stephen Colbert show. His guest was Andy Cohen, the producer of The Real Housewives shows on Bravo and the host of Watch What Happens Live.

It was too funny not to share! Wait for them to read the dialogue at the end, if you're a fan of the show you'll love it! (for some reason the embed code isn't working so you'll have to click the link.. I promise it's worth it!)

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bridesmaid Hair-do

In less than 2 weeks I'll be battling the Oklahoma heat as a bridesmaid. I'm kind of a one hit wonder (curled and pulled back on the right side) when it comes to hair styles so I've been looking for some new ideas for the wedding.

Seeing how the wedding is at 630pm OUTSIDE and currently the temprature at 630 is around 95 degrees I need some Major Help!

My hair has gotten really long so I was thinking I could do some sort of side ponytail like Lindy did for my wedding last summer.
I'm just not sure I could keep it looking that pretty as my forehead will surely be sweating.

Here's a collage I put together of inspirational hair photos:
{all images via theknot, Brides or InStyle}

Wearing my hair all the way down is not an option due to the heat, but I liked those pics and thought I'd throw them in there. I got to thinking, if I could have anyones hair whose would it be? Then I stumbled across a picture of Lauren Conrad and remembered Oh yeah, hers duh!
Girl has some awesome hair! And it's about the same length as mine and a similar cut. Perfect!

{all images via google images}
The dresss I'll be wearing is strapless fyi.
I love them all and I totally can't decide! So which one do you all like best?

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crazy Bachelorette Party Weekend!

This past weekend I road-tripped down to Dallas to celebrate Ashley's Bachelorette Party!
Here's a little re-cap for ya!

  • I invented the hottest new dance move on the scene right now. (I'll teach you as soon as I get it patented)
  • We had a yummy dinner at Victor Tangos before spending the rest of the night at J Blacks
  • I may have begged to go to the W (where GaGa was staying) with BIG plans to teach her the new dance move in an attempt to get famous.
  • We got locked out of Beth's apartment Friday night and feasted on McDonald's on the floor in the hallway.
  • Matching PJ's were worn
  • We may have had a PJ dance party that involved a wheelchair...
  • I introduced Kurtz to washing your feed before passing out, you really do feel better the next day!
  • Remnants of nuggets and fries were everywhere the next morning.
  • Illegal "outside" drinks were made in the bathroom at the ZaZa pool, what do they expect when they charge $10 a mimosa?!
  • Attempted stealing a beach ball from the pool... pool bouncer dude was a jerk.
  • Listened to the "Bachelorette Party Mix" 24/7 (Lots of GaGa, Britney, Madonna and Katy Perry)
  • Ashley got some fun lingerie and we dominated some champagne.
  • Kyle showed up in the form of a blow up doll - Thanks to me having this conversation at Christy's toy box:
    •      Me: All these blow up dolls are expensive... Do you have any cheaper ones?
    •      Sales Lady: Um no, we don't have any cheaper men but we have a sheep.
    •      Me: A what?
    •     Sales Lady: A sheep, like the animal.
    •      Me: (thinking: holy what? People are FrEaKs!) um ok that's not really what I'm looking for.
    •   Cut to me calling Spencer Gifts - Do you sell blow up dolls? Yes. Great, what's the cheapest one you have? $20. Ok, and it's a guy? Yes. Great, on my way.

  • We had some absolutely delicious sushi Saturday night at Deep Sushi.
  • Received many dirty looks for having a blow up doll in a restaurant while it was still daylight..
  • Julia was told her necklace was Fabulous! To which she replied, "I love the word fabulous!"
  • We attended a super fun Drag Show!
  • Ashley won Best Bachelorette at the Drag Show
  • Blow Up Doll, Kyle was taken on stage by a drag queen to which she asked, "Is this Jesus?"
  • Way too many test tube shots were consumed as evidenced by the below photos:
  • A drag queen did her best Rhianna impression, I'll never hear Rude Boy without thinking of her from now on!
  • We made it to another bar where I decided it would be a good place to take off my shoes and Julia agreed and joined me (blurry pic but you get the idea)
  • Somehow we all made it home with a random assortment of late night munchies
  • We scammed our way into getting an extra roll away bed and had to carry the original one out of the way while Stephanie slept on it
  • Passed out and woke up to find Vicki had used a robe for a blanket (memories of  OU/tx 2 years ago when I used a curtain)
All in all it was a very successful Bachelorette party! We had a lot of fun dancing and being girls! Can't wait for the wedding in 2 weeks to reunite with everyone!


My dogs are THE cutest.

Nigel and Cooper enjoyed an evening on the couch while I was at GaGa and Dave studied.
They live such rough lives.
By the way, I'm still deciding on which pic I should use so they can win the Prettiest Dog Contest.
Won't you help me decide? Comment on This Post.

Monday, July 26, 2010

GaGa OohLaLa

Here's my recap of GaGa in picture form! (the best form)

We went to Taco Tuesday at Iguana Grill beforehand and rode their complimentary Ragin Transit to the show! Pretty awesome deal!

Right before she came out!

So excited to have found club level seats to sneak into! The people never showed up! There were 6 empty seats in a row all for us.. Muahaha!

There she is! Yayyyy!

She opened with Just Dance

She's playing the Key Tar above

Playing Speechless on the flaming piano

Then she went into this tornado for a costume change..
And she came out in this crazy headdress outfit that moved on it's own!

Set change

Show me your teeth!

yeah I had to wear my glasses... might be time to re-visit the contact idea.

Wizard of Oz-ish

Monster that we had to scream to kill! haha

Bad Romance Encore!
Such a great ending to the best concert I've ever been to! Way to go GaGa, you'll be the next Madonna for sure!