Monday, October 31, 2011

Lovely Halloween!

Those of you who guessed - were right!!! We dressed up as the lovely Kate Middleton and Prince William for Halloween this year!
We had some friends over before we headed to the Dental School Party, everyone looked SO good!
Kate, Wills, Bearded Lady, Green Man, Sloth, Andy from the Goonies, Silent Bob and Jay.

Then we merged pre-parties and met up with some friends before heading to the party.
Kate, Dead Elizabeth Taylor and Pregnant Beyonce

 Jay and Kate
I'd like to think that Kate Middleton would have totally taken a shot with Elizabeth Taylor and Jay...
And in case you're wondering - I totally DIY'ed that fascinator! That's right folks, just call me Crafty Christine. 
William, Jay Z and Silent Bob - they'd totally all be friends!
This is about the point in the night where William started talking down to Kate, "You're not of royal blood woman" and eventually "You're a mudblood"  William had a rough night after this...
Stole these from FB - Kate, Cat in the Hat and The King.
Not sure what that guy is? then Santa Red Man? the King and Prince William

And for those of you who want instructions on how to DIY your own Kate Middleton fascinator - shoot me a comment and I'll hook you up! I had to finish mine at work on Friday b/c I couldn't find my hot glue gun so I had to borrow one. When it was finished you better believe I sat at my desk with my fascinator on. My boss walked by and said - "Why wouldn't you be wearing that?" to which I replied, "It's fancy Friday, duh"

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lazy Sunday

I could watch these 2 play all day.. Too cute.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Hint

Look what I DIY'd last night for my Halloween costume!
Any guesses as to who I'm dressing up as??

Friday, October 21, 2011

OOC - Out of Commision

My computer's hard-drive crashed the other night. I'm blogging this from work... shh don't tell!  I just want to remind you all out there to BACK UP YOUR HARD-DRIVES!

Source: via Ali on Pinterest

Monday, October 17, 2011

OU vs Texas Re-Cap

We had an absolute blast in Dallas for OU vs Texas this year! It took us about 3 1/2 hours to get to our hotel and we got ready and went downstairs to wait for the players and Bob Stoops to arrive! That's right, we stay at the same hotel as the team! We cheered when they all came in and were sad they didn't take the elevators right by us.
The girls
And the guys 
Taryn organized it so that we had a stretch Escalade limo to drive us around all weekend! It was fantastic!
Me and Chance both were magenta b/c we're cool duh. and yes that's a wine in a can in my hand - we had to wait for a long time for dinner! They guys finished an 18 pack in line.. yikes! We ate and then went back to the limo to hit the bar! This year we mixed it up from our usual Zephyr's and branched out to the Katy Ice House. I highly recommend this bar - it was huge and fun!

 Somehow the majority of the pics I took this night are limo pics. Sorry peeps we were having too much fun. 
We had every intention of calling it an early night, but the hotel bar called our name on our way home and we ended up closing it down... we stumbled up to our room and crashed. 

The next morning the game was at 11:30...let me just say that this should be a crime. I believe I got maaaaaybe 5 1/2 hours of sleep, got up and got ready for gameday. Dave and I went to meet some friends for the 1st half at PrimeBar in uptown Dallas.
At halftime we headed to the fair to watch the Sooners stomp the longhorns right outside the stadium! We had SO much fun! We found our friends, a spot in the shade (conveniently next to a beer stand) and cheered for the 2nd half!
OU won 55-17 and I thought this was pretty funny to see walking around after the game.
We ran into what seemed like everyone we know after the game! 
 This guy has been in Europe for 4 weeks and flew straight to Dallas for the game! That's dedication and good planning.
We went to meet up with our limo crew at the beer garden, I almost got left at the fair and when we got back to the hotel we took this group pic that Dave missed out on. (It was a long day)
After we devoured the red velvet cake balls I made, cleaned ourselves up for the night and headed to dinner at Iron Cactus which was an definite Fail. They made us wait for 2 hours, made THE worst margarita I've ever had and kicked one of our friends out. But before all that, Chance and I decided we should get our own reality show where we walk around offering to help people with their problems. The idea came from the 2 people we offered to help on the street... it went something like this:
Chance: Are you ok?
Random guy: ehh not really...
Me: Oh no, what's wrong?
Random guy: oh you know, girlfriend problems
Chance and I together: Oh I'm sorry! Can we buy you a shot?
Random guy: umm no thanks (with a look of leave me the hell alone)
Chance: Ok well keep your head up
Then we moved along to the next one...
We decided our show would be called "Comin' At Ya!" and this would be our poster:
Dave and Michael decided they should have their own reality show also... theirs is called F&#*^n Reality. 
Not sure what the idea is behind their reality show but I know mine and Chance's will be way more entertaining. 
We waited forever to eat, then we ate, then we headed back and passed out, it was a loooong day. Sunday morning Dave and I drove back and it took us 4 1/2 hours... Here are the only good parts of that drive:

Can't wait til next year!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mistletoe Market

If you're in the OKC area you should check out the Mistletoe Market put on by the Oklahoma City Junior League.
I volunteered for the Sip, Shop and Mingle Preview Party last night (of course) and there were tons of cute booths! 
Here's a few of the cute things I saw:
For the golfer that has everything...
For the baby Sooner in your family! (Toni, I think you should DIY these and I'll totally buy one for my friend!)
I'm still thinking about going back for this guy...
And of course there were adorable ornaments everywhere - I especially liked these tennis players:
Well I promise there's more than OU stuff and ornaments... that's just all I was interested in haha! Go check it out for yourself!

Click Here for more info.