Sunday, July 31, 2011

Give me a break!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dogs + Yoga = Doga

It's way too hot outside to play tennis, so hot I can't accomplish anything else in the evening if we play tennis.
It's also way too hot to get in my normal lunchtime workouts. Last week I gave it a shot, worked out at lunch, cooled off a little in the locker room, put my jeans back on, went back to work and felt as though my jeans were painted on and needed to be burned off. Lesson Learned: Skinny Jeans + Lunchtime workout + 105 degree heat = Really uncomfortable afternoon.

Enter: Body by Bethenny Yoga DVD
 Ahhhhhhhh! It's a great workout. (Read: I was reeeally sore after the first time!) And I can do it in the comfort of my own air conditioned living room. And when I'm finished, I'm not a disgusting sweaty mess that has to peel her clothes off and get directly into a cold shower. Win. Win. Win.

Even Cooper and Nigel enjoyed some yoga with me this weekend!
What are you all doing to workout in this heat?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Faves!!! House Decor Edition

I know we've only lived at our house for 1 1/2 years but I often find myself dreaming of our next house in Tulsa! Dave is in his 2nd year of Dental school now and the 1st year flew by so it's not totally crazy!

My next house will have this exact living room. I just need to find those doors...

And it will have these built in dog bowls in the kitchen island. Love the bone shaped drawer pulls too.

How amazing would this little nook be?

And I decided our next house must have a pool! Either one of these would work:

What is your future home must have?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Highlights and Lowlights

Getting the new Blake Shelton cd and absolutely loving it!!! Seriously, go buy it for yourself, you won't be disappointed!
 Getting a surprise yoga mat as a late anniversary present from Dave! No more beach towel yoga for me!
I found my dream nursery for one day in the future... (No, I'm not pregnant, and no, we're not trying.)
Just saying, if I start looking for these cute accessories now, maybe I'll have it all by the time I need it! haha!
I love the mixture of adult-like furniture with the cute artwork that is baby themed without being overtly "BABY".

Love the vintage Disney water color print from Cinderella, which was my all time favorite movie as a kid. My Mom said I would watch it everyday and beg her to start it over after it would finish.  I guess I've always gotten obsessed with things like I do now! (See: the time I watched The Blind side 3 days in a row and 15 times in 1 month)
Check out Copy Cat Chic - for more pictures and details! This girl knows what she's doing when it comes to decorating!

Watching the Jaycee Dugard interview along with a few episodes of SVU - which led me to google whether or not you can microchip your children so that if they ever got kidnapped you could GPS where they were... I'm thinking it's not such a bad idea, but it's probably not ethical... What if I promise to turn it off when the kid turns 18?

The weather finally got below 100 degrees for a day, so we went to play tennis and I dropped, spilled and broke our water jug not 2 minutes after we got there.
I tried to send a living social deal to a friend and ended up accidentally purchasing one for myself... a 2 night stay in Eureka Springs! Yikes! Luckily I was able to cancel it... but let me tell you, living social's customer service is awful! I called, they were in training, I called the next day, got a recording "I'm sorry we're experiencing unusually high volumes please call back tomorrow" Um what?! NO! Give me my money back!
Lesson Learned: Be careful what you click.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend in OKC! With temperatures over 103 all weekend, should be interesting. See ya at the pool!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OWOP - Royal Edition

My obsession with Kate Middleton has not subsided since the Royal Wedding, in fact it's probably grown. (I know, Yikes!)

I followed all of her outfits during their Royal Honeymooners Tour and thought I'd take a shot at making some outfit boards for a couple of my favorites.

Will and Kate visit the White House:

My version:
Royal Style

Theory dress, €396
Zara leather wedge shoes, $40
Tasha black handbag, $88
Gemstone jewelry, $72
Banana republic jewelry, $50

Will and Kate watch Wimbledon (Super Jealous btw):

My version:

Wimbledon Kate

Theory bubble hem dress, $279
Max studio shoes, $80
Zara flap handbag, $100
Gem jewelry, $72
Eugenia kim hat, $310
Tom ford sunglasses, $350

What's your favorite look she's had so far?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Recent Ramblings: Dave and Tine play Cranium

The card said: "What 1950's musical had the lyrics, "A-wop-bop-a-loo-bop-a-lop-bop-bop!"?
Tine: It's Grease! They sing that at the end of Grease at the carnival!
Dave: No it's Little Richard. 
Tine: No, Dave it's Grease! I've seen the movie like 1000 times!
Dave: No, it's Little Richard, I just don't know what musical it's from...
Tine: It's Grease! I don't know why you keep arguing!
Dave: The song was in the 50's! Do you think John Travolta was 20 years old in 1950? How old do you think he is!?
Tine: Oh, you're right. I give up, you guess. (Crying from laughing so hard at myself)

In other news: Blake Shelton's new cd came out and it's SO good! I've gotten Dave into country, he said he's listened to this song at least 10 times today already! Love it!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Anniversary Sunset Sailing!

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary with a sunset sail on Lake Hefner! 

 We enjoyed a bottle of champagne during our sail. 

It was perfect. Cheers to many many more to come!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekend Update with Tine and Dave!

I know what you're thinking... is this chick really going to throw up a montage of iPhone photos and call it a recap? Welp, yes I am. Deal with it people.
OKC Museum of Art Rooftop Happy Hour

Drinks after Kristin's graduation!
Dental School Buddies

The best sandwich ever made it's summer debut in our kitchen finally. 
Catch-up with Lin and Ryan
Playtime for Cooper and Mona
 Delicious Peach and Strawberry Mojitos Lindy made us!

4th of July - watching fireworks at Lake Skiatook
After a long day on the lake!
Cookout with Dental friends

Stir-fry dinner I whipped up while Dave took the dogs for a walk, Cooper laid down on the way back, a block from our house. It was too hot for him to make it back.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Does sweating count as exercise?

Holy Heatwave Batman!!!
Can anyone top this?  My steering wheel is literally melting off onto my hands on the drive home... yuck!