Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekend Update with Tine and Dave!

I know what you're thinking... is this chick really going to throw up a montage of iPhone photos and call it a recap? Welp, yes I am. Deal with it people.
OKC Museum of Art Rooftop Happy Hour

Drinks after Kristin's graduation!
Dental School Buddies

The best sandwich ever made it's summer debut in our kitchen finally. 
Catch-up with Lin and Ryan
Playtime for Cooper and Mona
 Delicious Peach and Strawberry Mojitos Lindy made us!

4th of July - watching fireworks at Lake Skiatook
After a long day on the lake!
Cookout with Dental friends

Stir-fry dinner I whipped up while Dave took the dogs for a walk, Cooper laid down on the way back, a block from our house. It was too hot for him to make it back.


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