Monday, April 30, 2012


So it's been a while since I did a rando post... hell it's been a while since I did a regular post...

I need some new summer clothes, and I've decided that I cannot get through summer without owning these wedges:

However, my husband disagrees and says I can live without them... why weren't they available for the Bloomingdale's or Saks Friends and family discounts last week?? Does anyone have a discount at Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus they care to share??? I'll be your bff, and comment on every post you write for a year! (I'm serious about these babies)

I have a gift card to anthro and my birthday discount card (that expires today) burning a whole in my wallet and I cannot find anything I want from there! Somebody help!!!!

I've been wearing these Stella & Dot Felicity hoops a LOT lately - at first I felt very "jersey" wearing big hoops but now I'm obsessed! They're just so delicate and unique I can't get enough!

Have you all heard of the latest internet acronym? Who doesn't want to reply to their bosses emails with this??

Like any other girl my age, I wanted to be Kelly Kapowski when I grew up. When I saw her wearing the Stella & Dot Rebel necklace, I had to copy... Some things never change.

I need lots of gifts in the next couple weeks - Mother's Day (obvi), My sister's graduation, and my MIL's birthday are all in the next 2 weeks! I've got them all some jewels (double obvi) but I want to add something else to their gifts... ready go!

I remember when I graduated college I just wanted money and a dream job... I don't want to just give my sis money though... and I  have no control over the dream job situation.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blaze - go get it!

I used to babysit a kid named Blaise, it was a pretty sweet gig - they had a basketball court and all he ever wanted to do was play horse. And his parents always left money to order pizza. Can't beat that.

Just like you can't beat this new Blaze!

I tried to make my own balsamic vinegar glaze once, I didn't have the patience for it and gave up. My good friend Jaclyn's husband told me about Blaze and I had to tell you all b/c it's kind of a game changer when it comes to cooking at home.

I found it at Target by the balsamic vinegar and olive oil - I haven't seen it at other stores but you could check. 

I used it to create the most amazing caprese salad the other night - Dave gave me the ok to make this salad for dinner any night. He loved it!

I served it with some toasted baguette crostini's yummm
My mouth is watering just looking at these pictures...
I plan on using the Blaze again tonight on some homemade pizza! The back of the bottle says it goes well on ice cream... I'm intrigued.

Go getcha some now!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me :)

My husband really knows how to make me smile. I mentioned to him that my goal this year was to meet and become besties with Kristen Wiig.

I just  know we'd hit it off. Reasons why:

1. One of my funny work friends hunted me down the Monday after he saw Bridesmaids and said, "I saw Bridesmaids this weekend and thought of you the whole time, she acted just like you!" Me: "Aw thanks, you mean super awkward and weird right?" Him: "Umm yeah, but I knew you'd take it as a compliment" Me: "No, seriously thank you, that's one of the nicest things anyone's ever said to me!"

2. The other night Dave woke me up after I fell asleep on the couch and the first thing I said was "Help me, I'm poor" it's at the 00:40 second mark, you can ff or you can just enjoy the whole scene, depends on how ADD you are feeling today.

3. I was in my bff's wedding a few weeks ago and came up with the idea that we should all take the "Bridesmaids" movie poster pic. So after all the formal photos, we all lined up like this: I wish I had the image to show you all, as soon as her wedding pics are available, you'll be the first to know!
In case you need proof, I have a picture of 2 of us practicing for the photo:

And the whole point of the story is that my husband sent me this awesome birthday pic today! He knows me so well! The email subj was "omg I didn't know you party with kristen wiig..."
And another later in the day with the subj: "remember Kristen Wiig with us in San Fran?"
And another, "She's a Sooner fan too?!"

Love it! Happy 27th to me.

Kristen Wiig if you're reading this, please be my frand.