Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Election Day!

I saw this super cute idea on Jodie's blog - she's got some great platforms for when she becomes President. Regardless of who you're voting for, I'm sure we can all agree I've got some good ideas:

If I were President... 

There would be no limit on how long you have to return items, and you wouldn't have to have the receipt.

Tory Burch would dress me and I'd give everyone Reva's on their birthdays!

JCrew would offer free shipping on ALL purchases - not just purchases over $150

Dental school would only take 3 years

Housekeepers would be provided to everyone once a month

Every office would provide free chair massages for everyone in the afternoon

Everyone would get free southwest points to visit their family whenever they want

And of course I'd end bullying, allow gay marriage and free food to poor people and all that good stuff...

Did I miss anything?

Also, I cannot keep this to myself - you all have got to head over to Whitney's blog to see her awesome "Toast - To the Candidates? As if!" Here's a preview - trust me you want to see the whole thing!

"Excuse me, but I have donated many expensive Italian outfits to Lucy, and as soon I get my license, I fully intend to brake for animals, and I have contributed many hours to helping two lonely teachers find romance."

"Do you prefer 'fashion victim' or 'ensembly challenged'?"

Go to Whitney's blog and read the rest now!

Monday, November 5, 2012

What's on my DVR

It's fall and that means all the new good TV is on! And I watch a lot of it! - seriously, people ask me what I do while Dave studies in the evenings... my usual answer is that I watch a lot of TV and it's nice not having to fight over the remote. (what will I do when he graduates? - that's a problem for another day)

Here's what I'm watching - with my opinions sprinkled in!

The majority of Sunday is spent watching NFL RedZone - I signed up for an all girls fantasy football team this year and I'm actually pretty into it. I think it's b/c my team is awesome - I'm in first place. NBD. (even though the girl I played this week started 3 guys that were injured... it still counts)

Sunday nights - RHOA just started - it's not my fave RH franchise but I love me some Nene.

Cannot wait for the premier of RHOBH tonight!!! I wonder how Adrienne's divorce will play out... I thought their bickering was kind of cute in the beginning, then it got a little weird. Kyle and Lisa are still my faves. I wish Camille was still an "official cast member" I read she'll just have a supporting role.


Happy Endings - Favorite show right now! - everyone please start watching! It's the new friends but SO much funnier! In case you need some convincing - watch this clip:

The Mindy Project - watched a couple times, pretty funny, loved her book so I'm giving this show a chance.

Modern Family - duh - loved this show since the beginning, although I do think that Claire needs to eat a few chili cheeseburgers - sometimes her thinness is distracting.

Nashville - LOOOVE! Thank goodness Connie Britton got off of American Horror Story - she's amazing and I don't do horror. I look forward to this show the most every week!  (Maybe b/c I have a date with a friend to watch it every week but also  b/c it's Amazing!)

Lots of good shows on Thursdays(we usually save a few of these for the weekend or Monday) - I'll rank them in order of my faves:

First - The League - see above - obsessed with Fantasy Football and this show's humor reminds me of most of the guys Dave and I hang out with. (don't judge)
Second - Parks and Rec - Ron Swanson and Aziz Ansari. Enough said.

Third - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - weird humor - but Charlie has my stomach hurting from laughter most episodes. If you watch it then you get it.

Fourth - Real Housewives of Miami - these girls know how to bring the crazy! I don't really have a favorite on this one, I think the cast is a little too large to really get to know any of them, but maybe that's what they're going for on Miami? (I'm not sure any of them are likable if you see them for over 10 minutes)

Fifth - The Office - been watching this since the 1st season so we've got to finish it out, I'm excited to hopefully see Jim move onto bigger and better things and I still hope that Angela's baby is Dwight's.

Shark Tank - makes me want to invent something and become bff's with Mark Cuban. We usually watch this earlier the next week b/c we're never home Friday evenings.

So what am I missing? Or what all are you watching? Please tell me I'm not the only one with this many shows in their weekly lineup...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall Shopping

If I'm good for anything it's a post about shopping. Let's get down to business shall we?

I always find it hard to pick shoes in the fall/winter. I own 6 pairs of boots that I still love to wear but some days I don't want boots and my only other closed toe shoes (since I decided I'm over Sperry's) are my TB Revas, which you cannot wear with socks. My office is fah-reezing, so cold that I had to smuggle in a contraband space heater. (If you tell on my I'll cut you) So basically I'm left with boots everyday.

I've recently started liking the looks of sneakers with casual-wear.

Apparently this trend has been going on for a while... this was in Vogue last fall. But in typical Oklahoma fashion we're a year or two behind.

Not sure the MC Hammer pants on #5 will ever make it to Oklahoma and I'm OK with that.
I'm thinking this is the type of outfit I'd rock them with the most:

Dark gray thermal, skinnies, navy loop scarf with gray boots - would love to replace with new sneaks.

So, I've narrowed my choices down, please tell me which you think I'd be able to wear most!
I love the light neon yellow on these and the gray is neutral so I could wear them with a lot.
ASICS - Tiger Serrano - on Sale! 

ASICS - Tiger California - not on sale but the red would be good to have for gameday..

What do you think of the look? Do you have any other good ideas for winter footwear that doesn't involve boots?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Help A Sista Out

I've got friends having babies every month until next June! I'm in need of some tips as this is the first child for all of my friends, I'm not a seasoned "Auntie Tine" yet - yes I'm making their kids call me that.

What was the best meal someone brought you or you've made for someone after having a new baby?

I'm trying to steer clear of the boring casserole route (unless you've got a recipe for a casserole that kicks all other casserole's asses!) but am kind of at a loss! Help please! I want to be able to bring something over that they will actually like and eat!

This made me laugh...maybe I should bring wine instead?
and for all the preggers or used to be preggers - one of Dave's friends whose in his ob residency sent him this:

OK now send me your recipes or tips on bringing food to new parents! Love y'all!

Monday, October 29, 2012

I've Missed You!

hI've missed you guys! Have you missed me?? I've been a bad blogger... Hi, my name is Christine, and it's been 2 months since my last real post. (hangs head in shame) I'm going to try my best to make it up to you. I mean I've gotta have 2 months of good stuff saved up somewhere right?

Here we go, apologies if you already knew this but I was in total shock when I found out (weeks ago, again, sorry) ZARA has a Home Line Now!?!! Yeah they do, and it's gooood!

Here's my picks:

1. Talia Throw - $59   2. Granitos Blanket - $99   3. Crown Pillow - $35.90   4. Walton Mirror - $79 
5. Cetus Servers - $16   6. Bronte Tablecloth - $89   7. Clio Dressing Gown - $89   8. Ballena Ashtray - $19

And since everyone I know is preggers - they've got Zara home for Kids too!!!

AND to make it easier for you to hit Purchase on that online shopping cart - they've got FREE SHIPPING for October!!! What are you getting?

I promise to come back more often... still friends?

Four Eyed Nerd

I've been wanting a new pair of glasses for a while for a few reasons:
1. You wouldn't wear the same earrings everyday, so why would you wear the same glasses?
2. I wanted to particiapte in the super nerdy big glasses look that's super trendy right now
3. I'm lazy and watch a lot of tv in bed and needed some bigger ones that I could still see the tv through when laying down...

So I was very excited when Firmoo contacted me to try out a pair of glasses with my prescription for free! It took me a while to decide which ones I wanted but when I finally did, they were super quick to ship them and I couldn't be more happy with my free pair of nerd glasses!
I loved that they have the option to upload your photo and virtually try on glasses, it made it so much easier to tell how they would look on. After virtually trying on several pairs, I landed on these: Unisex Acetate Full Rim Frame Glasses - in the brown color.

The only stipulation was that I had to take photos of myself wearing them... so without further ado here is my best attempt at "fashion blogger" poses. Please be nice.

And what's great is that Firmoo has a Free for New Buyer program! Which means you can ALL get a pair of glasses with your prescription in them For FREE! What are you waiting for? Go get yourself an extra pair of glasses! And post embarrassing photos of yourself wearing them so I don't feel all alone.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tennis Love

It's no secret I'm a tennis fan. (Dave and I dream of going to every grand slam one day) With the US Open going on I thought I'd share some tennis love!

Vogue commisioned 11 designers to customize a tennis ball in honor of the US Open this year. Love all of them but here are my faves! Now if they'd just sell these... I'd love to have one of these on my desk!

You can see them all here. I hope this puts you all in the tennis spirit! :)

And while we're talking tennis, can someone come show me how to make my hair look like Brooklyn Decker's while she watched her hubby play his last professional match? so sad. Roddick was a lot of fun to watch! Here's hoping another American will step up and fill his spot.

Also, please note the OU shirt behind her.. Andy's brother is the head tennis coach at OU! I'm praying I'll run into Andy next time he's here visiting!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Latest Finds

I picked these black pants up from the Gap b/c I was sick of wearing jeans every. single. day. (I know... woe is me, I get to wear jeans to work) But these are just as comfy as jeans! Seriously go get yourself a pair now!

Have you all heard of Everlane? It's this great website offers designer quality t-shirts for a fraction of the price! I ordered this one in white b/c I can never have enough white tees! Plus they give you free shipping on the first 3 items you buy! What's not to love??
Stolen from their website:
"It's an industry fact: Your typical designer shirt sells for 8 times what it cost to make. But it doesn't have to be this way. We've set out to challenge conventions and build a new retail model.
We have no physical stores, no middlemen taking their cut and no crazy brand markups. Instead, we create our own luxury basics and sell them exclusively at Everlane.com. New designs each month, never over $100."
Actually not even close to $100.. I paid $25 for the white tee below and I've spent WAY more on tees before so I know what I'm talkin bout!

They also have a few accessories - I'm totally adding the weekender bag and the black belt to my wish list!

And I popped into the mall on Monday and got a 40% off coupon at Banana - I picked up this blouse that I plan on wearing un-clipped with my new black pants, much more laid back! Love the color!

And I bought myself a book - The Perfectly Imperfect Home: How to Decorate and Live Well I love the images in this and think it will make a great coffee table book.