Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tennis Love

It's no secret I'm a tennis fan. (Dave and I dream of going to every grand slam one day) With the US Open going on I thought I'd share some tennis love!

Vogue commisioned 11 designers to customize a tennis ball in honor of the US Open this year. Love all of them but here are my faves! Now if they'd just sell these... I'd love to have one of these on my desk!

You can see them all here. I hope this puts you all in the tennis spirit! :)

And while we're talking tennis, can someone come show me how to make my hair look like Brooklyn Decker's while she watched her hubby play his last professional match? so sad. Roddick was a lot of fun to watch! Here's hoping another American will step up and fill his spot.

Also, please note the OU shirt behind her.. Andy's brother is the head tennis coach at OU! I'm praying I'll run into Andy next time he's here visiting!

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B$ said...

We just need Gilly to introduce us to John. I have no doubts that once he knows us, we'll all be best friends!