Friday, January 24, 2014

Five on Friday!

Got so much amazing stuff at my baby shower on Saturday! Amazed by my awesome friends and fam. I wrapped up my hostess gifts with my new fave ribbon:

Stella and Dot Spring Line released and OMG I'm obsessed with some of the jewelry. It's probably one of their best lines yet. I'll be living in these pieces:

Top Left - Milana Tassel Necklace - Tassel is removable - this is the perfect shade of Gilver - Asa from Shah's would totally NOT approve!
Top Right - Milana Tassel Bracelets - tassel is removable on these babies too, and they're stretchy, aka super comfy.
Bottom Left - Linden Necklace - obsessed with this color. Can't wait to wear it with a nice tan this summer :)

Bottom Right - Elodie Necklace - reminds me of some of my grandmothers costume jewelry that Iw as obsessed with. Also loving the colors for spring.

We saw American Hustle the other night and I can't stop thinking about Amy Adams hair in the movie... I think I may need to find myself some hot rollers and give it a try. I'd kill for her bouncy curls!

Also saw Lone Survivor, which was also great. Can't believe how bad-a these guys were, which Dave apparently already knew b/c he reads medal of honor stories in his free time (he does what?). I told Dave after that I feel bad complaining about my back hurting now... these guys were put through the ringer and still going strong. I think I liked it a little bit more since it had the Friday Night Lights music that we all know and love. (and also Tim Riggins)

I'm pretty over being pregnant at this point... I'm ready for the baby to be here. And to be able to bend over, and to be able to get out of bed without it taking 15 minutes, and to be able to look at my feet without grossing myself out... any tips on getting through this last month would be fab. So far this is all I've got.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Bumpdate: 32 Weeks!!


How Far Along:
32 weeks! 8 months down - 8 weeks to go! I think I can I think I can...

Baby Size:
A large jicama (whatever that is?) - Baby is approximately 16.7 inches long and weighs about 3.75 lbs (according to BabyCenter)

Have you started to show yet: 
Yes! I feel huge, I don't know how I'm going to keep getting bigger for 8 more weeks.. Lord help me.

Baby Boy!

Maternity Clothes:
oh yeah. It has been so cold that my options have gotten really limited, I'm doing laundry more and more often these days b/c I'm only comfortable in about 5 outfits. And I refuse to buy anything new. Not happening. So ready for non-maternity wear!

Stretch Marks:
Nope but I'm nervous b/c I've been growing a lot! Still using the Mama Mio products and loving them! Pick up some for yourself here.

Thanks to my parents for getting me the Snoogle I've been sleeping a lot better! I would prefer to be Snoogled up in bed than on the couch most evenings. I was skeptical at first but ladies let me tell you, pregnancy pillows are legit. Get yourself one. I kept the packaging so I can roll it up and store it easily again to save for my next pregnancy.

Best Moment Lately: 
Having another Ultrasound to check things out and getting to see our little guy! He looks like a real baby now and measured in the 68th percentile! Perfectly above average but not enormous, phew!

What I miss: 
Being able to roll over in bed easily, being able to stand up easily, being able to put on socks and shoes easily... you get the gist. Things are getting tricky around here. 

Oh yeah he's still hammering around in there, Dave finally saw my belly move from the outside which he found pretty entertaining!

Food Cravings:
Sweets! I have chocolate milk after dinner most nights and crave dessert after lunch too... so strange b/c I was NEVER a sweets person before.

Mainly just discomfort when sitting for any period of time in the same position.. the drive to and from Tulsa over Christmas wasn't very fun. And hello heartburn! I don't go anywhere without a stash of Tums now.

Anything making you queasy or sick: 
Nothing in particular but still feeling terrible when I eat a large or regular sized meal.. snack size meals are my jam.

Labor Signs:
I've had a couple of Braxton Hicks contractions but never more than 1 a day yet.

Belly Button- In or Out?:
There's really no denying it - I've got an outie now. Sometimes I think it's cute but most of the time I'm hoping it gets smashed down with the 4 layers I'm covering it with.

Wedding Rings- On or Off?:

Baby Purchases?:
I got a backup crib sheet since Serena & Lily was having their huge after Christmas sale. And I bought the cutest Christmas bow tie that was on super sale a cute boutique in Tulsa over Christmas!

We haven't bought anything else because the little guy got so spoiled over Christmas!

Looking forward to: 
My 2 showers coming up!!!