Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Cooper buttoned himself into the duvet cover. Silly dog.

Sista Sista! Never knew how much I'd miss ya!

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous sister, Julia, who enjoyed the quality program, Sister Sister, with me everyday after school! Of course, this was after Saved By The Bell stopped making new episodes. I believe our after school line-up went from two episodes of Sister Sister followed by two episodes Boy Meets World. Please tell me you all remember watching these great after school programs also?

Remember how cool Topanga was? And how you always wanted Mr. Feeny to be your neighbor and teacher? And how you always wished you were a twin and your parents never told you until later and then you get to live with your twin? Well, I never wished that b/c I could share clothes with the sister I already had, we had some sweet rompers back in the day. I wish I had a picture of that for ya!

One more year til your of legal drinking age Juls! Happy 20th!

This was in Jamaica - where I'm pretty sure there's no legal drinking age.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Support 'merica! Drink PBR!

Thanks to Marissa for sharing this with me!

Happy Birthday to Cooper and Nigel!!!

I hope you guys are enjoying a whole lot of this on your birthday today.

Because when your Mom and Dad get home, there will be a whole lot of this:

Yummm Doggy Ice Cream!!!
Mona came over last year for their birthday and she really enjoyed it.

In case you're wondering, Cooper is 3 years old today and Nigel is 5 (we think). Since Nigel just showed up on Dave's doorstep we're not sure of his real birthday or age so we decided to celebrate them together.
If you want to get them a present, they love Dingo's and soft fuzzy toys. :)

Happy Birthday Cooper and Nigel! You're the best dogs in the world and just for today we won't get mad at you for messing up the house! It's your day, enjoy it! Oh and Nigel, your dad is still working on getting you that squirrel trap you asked for.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Fantastic Spring Weekend!

Wow! What a great weekend we had!
On Friday, we had Julia and Henry over to eat some homemade pizza before we went to the Mantel to see Ashley sing. Good times.

One of my great friends Haley got married on Saturday, it was one of the most fun weddings I've ever been to! Props to Haley! She looked gorgeous, she always looks gorgeous, but she looked especially stunning on Saturday, must've been the bridal glow or the amazing dress, either way it was workin for her!

Here's one of my favorite pics of me and Haley, at last year's Waltz on The Wild Side.

Pics from the wedding!
In my parents front yard before:
In Patti's front yard before:

Dave likes to take candids.
Cheesy Prom Pose
Bryan hung out with us before and wanted a pic :)
Patti and Nick - Nick why so scary?
Me and Dave - I want Patti's azaleas! (she claims they've  been there for 50 years, how she knows this I'll never know.)

Haley and JL's first dance!
Pretty centerpieces!
With the beautiful bride!
With my bestie Lin, a gorgeous bridesmaid!
And I have a crooked smile, don't look too close.

Party people.

Enjoying the wonderful wedding reception!
Me, "Ok, the band is playing Miley, we must dance."
Lin, "Duh!"
Me,"Let's get Dave to take our pic!"
(Note to Dave: use the flash next time!)

Lin, "my feet hurt, let's take a break"
Me, "Ok, but if they play Miley again let's dance!"
Lin, "Duh!"
Hubs being a goober at the after party, we went to JL's restaurant and bar, Leon's.
only Lindy can look this cute at 1:30 am.
end of the night, waiting on our pizza and debating whether we should hit up Whataburger on the way home.
Sunday, we had a greasy brunch with mimosas and friends and then swang on my parents front swing for a good hour.

Coop loved it!
Matt went with the twisted up swinging technique:

Then he wanted to go high so he could jump off!

Dave, "Ah man that was a cool picture! I want one!"


Dave, "I got too much air and had to do the tuck and roll. Do you think you can get these grass stains out?"

It was the perfect spring weekend, grilled pizza on the deck, enjoyed some music outdoors on a patio and good glass of wine, witnessed a beautiful wedding, danced the night away, crawled to brunch, had just enough champagne to enjoy Sunday on a swing!

Sidenote: check out my friend Marissa's blog today to see how awesome I am at sending packages in the mail! :) Love ya Mar!