Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I hope everyone had a great Easter! Hopefully someone will send me some pictures from Easter otherwise this is all you're going to get... The Easter bunny didn't bring me a new camera :( I may have to search the house again for that charger.. blech.

Here's a non-visual recap of what we did in Tulsa over Easter:

Rocked out to the new cd mix tape on the turnpike

Had dinner at Kilkenny's Irish Pub (love that place!)

Talked about how happy we are for our friends that have recently gotten engaged!

Drank some Smithwick's beers

Babysat above friends doggy (Ellie) while they celebrated in Houston

Tried to get Cooper and Ellie to make a puppy, unsuccessfully

Went to bed early Friday night

Got woken up by Dave Saturday morning at 830 "Will you get up already? I'm bored. What are we doing today?"

Got Cooper a haircut

Got a new shirt from J.Crew

Had a delicious birthday lunch at Los Cabos with the fam

Convinced Julia to come to town

Had beers with Julia

Had John Daley's with AnneMarie

Opened birthday present from AnneMarie - such fun stuff the Colorado airport had to offer me!

Had dinner at El Guapo's

Had beers at McNellie's

Ran into people I went to highschool with

Went to church on Sunday

Had an Easter cookout after church

Dyed easter eggs

Decorated recently engaged friend's apartment for them to find when they got home :)

Dropped Ellie off at above friends apartment

Drove back to the city, amazed at how much shorter the drive is when you don't have to go all the way to Norman.

Did laundry, then did nothing Sunday evening.

Had a great weekend!

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