Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Celebrating 25!

I had a great time celebrating my birthday all weekend! Unfortunately, I had no camera so you had to be there! Sucks if you missed it! Jk. I've got a couple of photos and I'll try and remember what happened to recap it for you all.

Friday, Dave sent me flowers to work. Aww so sweet!

In case you're wondering how to get flowers home from work, this is my method.

Wrap it with a coat and buckle it in!

Friday night we had friends over to the house, drank beers, drank sweet tea vodka and lemonade, stayed up too late, set off the alarm at 4 am, went back to sleep, woke up and talked about how the neighbors must hate us, watched the Up, and took a nap. (like how I breezed by that alarm part...)

No but really, Friday night was one of the most fun nights I've had - definitely since we moved to the city. Special thanks to all my great friends who came over for the get together! You guys rule.

Oh and I forgot to mention that Friday morning our very own President, Mr. Barack Obama, wished me a happy birthday by direct depositing our tax return! Thank you Mr. President!

On Saturday, while I took my much deserved nap, Dave went out and hunted for a new tv for our living room. We knew this would be the first purchase with the tax return. I just had no business leaving the house and couldn't believe Dave was physically able to after the night we had. He powered through.

Saturday night, the hubbs took me to dinner at Deep Fork Grill. This is by far my new favorite place, Lindy told me it was amazing, and boy was she right! We definitely can't afford to go here very often, but I look forward to the next occasion we can use as an excuse to enjoy something else off their menu!
Here's what I wore, for those who are interested:

Top: J.crew Alpansia Swiss Dot Blouse - get it on sale here
Jeans: Forever 21 Skinny Jeans - find your favorite here
Shoes: Target Linen and Gold Wedges from last year, similar here

After dinner, we decided to go purchase the tv! After looking at 4 places to make sure we were getting the best deal, I was pooped. I helped bring it inside then sat myself down on the couch and watched Dave get it all set up, and had this conversation with Marissa.

Bye Bye old tube tv, it's been real. Thanks for surviving the lightning strike and the move with us. But now get out so we can enjoy all that HD has to offer.

On Sunday, we went to brunch with Dave's parents and sister at Ingrids. Had some yummy buffett food and dessert and they got me a new camera!! Yay!!! It's on the way still, but I can't wait! Thanks SO much, you guys are the best!

Later on, Ashley and Kyle came over for a little sunday funday. :) We enjoyed some pizza on the patio at the Wedge and lots of wine.

Why does Monday always have to come around?


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