Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How 'bout that ride in?

Friday afternoon, Stephanie and I road tripped down to Austin Texas to see Miss Chelsea Handler and have a mini-girl's trip! Chelsea was hilarious, Joe Koy was the opener and I think he may have been funnier. I only think this because I had already read Chelsea's new book, and the majority of her act was from her book. So when she'd start telling a story I already knew the punchline... but it was still hilarious to hear her tell it!

I found the funniest part of Jo Koy's act on YouTube, Enjoy!

I went with a romper instead of the top I blogged about here. I felt like being a little more dressy than jeans, and the romper was super comfy!

Here's the re-cap.

We drank, we laughed at Chelsea Handler, we ate late night pizza, I woke up sleeping on the harwood floor (air mattress deflated), we shopped, we got pedicures, I almost fell asleep in the pedicure chair, we ate sushi, we danced, we ate jack in the box at 2 am, Stephanie woke up sleeping on the hardwood floor (air mattress deflated again) and we ate some more.

Getting ready.

Sunny: Pre-Chelsea shots?
Me and Steph: Sure, what have you got?
Sunny: Vodka.
Me: That's what Chelsea drinks so yeah!
Steph: Do you have mixers?
Sunny: I have Diet coke?
Me and Steph: that's it?
Sunny: Yep, suck it up
Me: You don't have shot glasses?
Sunny: these wine glasses work fine.
All together: Cheers
All together: YUCK!

It was kind of misty rain on Friday night, so please excuse the frizzy- not cute - hair in some of these pictures.

Waiting in the Longest, Slowest, most stupid line ever to get a drink before the show!
Afterwards, drink on some rooftop bar in Austin. Very Swanky.

Saturday shopping at the Domain, very cool outdoor shopping district.

Banana had all full priced items in the store 25% off! So I splurged and got the wedges I'd been wanting!
We were exhausted after shopping all day and getting pedicures, rough life, I know.
We managed to get ourselves together, and Steph and I had a mini-dance party while Sunny was getting ready. Steph was hot so I was cooling her off with my dance moves.. and the fan.

Self timer pic - Sunny wanted in.

mmm sushi!

After dinner drinks... got a little crazy.

Time to call it a night... What's that? You guys are going to Jack in the Box? Hell yeah! We've never had it, sure I'd love to eat 2 deep fried tacos and some curly fries.

Next Morning Convo:
Me: OMG, I'm not eating for a week after last night!
Steph: OMG! We had Jack in the Box!
Me: haha yeah it was sick!
Steph: this air mattress is deflated, my back hurts.
Me: you can join me on the couch
Steph: nah, thats too much work
Me: let's get outta here, I'm hungry
Steph: me too.

So much for the no eating plan...
All in all, it was a great weekend! The only thing that could have made it better, is if Chelsea would have asked me to join her show. Maybe next year.

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opal said...

Deep fried tacos? Whoo, that sounds awesome. And the shoes(wedges) from Banana are too cute, so jealous!