Monday, April 19, 2010

Yummy Smoothies!

I gave up drinking coffee at the beginning of the year. Not for any particular reason other than I thought it was starting to stain my teeth and I hate using white strips. I feel like my face is paralyzed when they're on, I can't talk or move it's ridiculous.

It wasn't a huge change really, I'll still get starbucks if I want it I'm just not drinking coffee that I make at work or home. And to be honest, I don't really miss it. But I do miss the added energy that it gave me in the morning, so I came up with an alternative to wake me up. Smoothies!

We've owned our Margaritaville machine for over a year and have used it for nothing but delicious margaritas. I noticed there's a smoothie setting and thought to myself, if this thing can make a smoothie as good as the margs it makes, why not?

Here's the recipe I use, you can alter it however you like, depending on your favorite fruits. But I'd stay away from grapes and apples, the blenders don't really like them and your smoothie might have an awkward texture.

About 5 strawberries (halved), about 1/2 can of 100 calorie peach slices, 2 activia strawberry light yogurts, some pineapple orange juice and ice! Easy breezy. (By the way this recipe is for 2 smoothies, these are so good you'll want to share!)

Add the fruit to the blender:
Add the yogurt:

Add some juice:

Put the ice in the top and flip it on!
Now watch it go from this:

To this:

Yummm! Enjoy!
Dave couldn't wait for me to take the picture... he's after his in this picture!

Some variations: I've used pineapple chunks and mandarin oranges with strawberry yogurt and the pineapple oj. I don't do banana, the flavor is too strong and overtakes the other fruits I like better. I think the pineapple version is my favorite, but really throw in whatever fruits you want!

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