Friday, April 2, 2010

Fry Those Onions!

Last weekend I decided to break out the ole fryer after I read Pioneer Woman's super easy recipe for onion strings.  I say it's super easy, because it is! To prove this, I documented myself going through the recipe:

*Turn on your fryer filled with canola oil so it can start heating up.

Slice the onion super thin:

Then pick them up and move them over to the buttermilk soaking station:

Really get them in there:
Now pour some flour into a shallow dish, add salt, pepper and cayenne pepper:
Now get distracted by Cooper scratching at his bowl:
Now get the buttermilk soaked onion strings and swirl them around the flour batter mixture:
Really swirl them good, make sure the batter is sticking. You'll be glad later!
*Swirling is not a technical term, but it speaks for itself.
Now move them to the fryer basket:
Now wait, patiently of course... for my small fryer I found that 3 minutes is the perfect time for these:
Also the temp should be 375 degrees. 
Ahh 41 seconds left! The anticipation is getting to us! Happy dance when the timer goes off!
Dave's moves are a little suspect... Not sure mine are much better though.

Hooray! They're done! 
These were delicious! I was so excited that they were so easy, I fried some mushrooms and some pickles too! Sorry no pics of those. I ate them too fast. oops!

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