Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vegas Fun!

I had a blast celebrating the bride-to-be in Vegas a couple of weekends ago!
We were lucky to have a few club promoters on call to get us tables and free drinks each night!

Oh and the highlight of the trip.... James Harden (one of our NBA players) was on my flight and we're now close friends. :) Seriously though, we walked from the far end of the airport all the way to baggage claim together. I asked him what him and Kobe were getting into it about in the game the night before... totally nerded out when I dropped the 3s to the floor to show him I saw him gloating after the 3 and before him and Kobe got into it a little.

Me: "How long are you staying?"
Harden: "we leave Monday, what about you?"
Me: "Ah I'm leaving Sunday"
Harden: with a smirk, "You can stay til Monday"
Me: "Ohhh haha thanks" "so where are you guys going out tonight?"
Harden: "You can't hang out with me, cause you're married and I'm bad"
Me: "haha ok."
Harden: "We're going to XS saturday night though, it's the spot"
Me: "good deal" (mental note - if we don't go to XS on Saturday night I will freak out!)

Anyways, so on Friday we all got there, half the group had been there for a while and needed a nap. Me and a couple girls weren't tired, so I left Jen this note in case she woke up:
We had a few drinks playing the slots, then got all cleaned up and ready to go out!
We had a blast dancing at Marquee

We slept for a couple hours before getting up to have mimosas and watch the bride open her naughty gifts! The rest of the day was spent napping...then we all got dolled up again for the 2nd night. 
The bride thought it'd be fun if everyone wore red! Everyone we saw was so enamored. It's like they'd never seen a group of girls wearing all red before!

 Also, the guy that took this picture was clearly distracted b/c it's super blurry. But the entrance to the Wynn was amazing!
We had an amazing Tapas meal at La Cave in the Wynn, it was delicious, the service was great and it didn't cost an arm and a leg.
We went to some weird club first b/c they were offering free champagne, then we peaced out and headed to XS to see my boy J. :)
With the sexy little bride!
We called it a night, headed back to our suite and ordered a ridiculous amount of food, I taught everyone the greatness of giving your feet a bath at the end of the night. Granted some of them were a little too inebriated to try standing in a bathtub... they still all agree their feet felt better in the morning. :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

What a deal!

Saw this on this blog and had to share! For all my fellow Chevron lovers!

Sears Simply Home Herringbone blanket in Avocado - only $29!!!

Also comes in black and pink, my personal fave is the green!