Monday, November 21, 2011

Bullet Point Kinda Day

I've had a cold for a week... bullet points are as good as it gets right now.
  • I got the Tory Burch Holiday gift guide in the mail and had to have this iphone case for myself.. I've been wanting a more fun case and this one was a must have! No, I couldn't wait until Christmas, I didn't want it to sell out!

  • I made these super cute onesies for a baby shower we went to last weekend! Thanks to Toni for giving me the confidence to know I could do it! It was SO easy! You might remember I saw something similar at Mistletoe Market being sold for $30! Mine cost about $6 to make! Score!

  •  I attended a baby shower at work - thrown by men. Check out the banner they came up with for the decor!
  •  My old pal Marissa was in town a couple weekends ago and she had to have some famous Eischen's Fried Chicken! Dave ate an entire chicken. Don't get me started. 

  • Dave won a Kinect at DentFest and it's provided hours of fun! So far our favorite game is the Adventures game it came with and Dance Central 2! Any other good ones we should ask Santa for?

  • I made the dogs homemade dog food from this recipe that was super easy btw - I'm waiting on my Mom of the Year trophy to come in the mail...

  • I saw this amazing kids gift in Real Simple magazine - but then I was at CVS the other day (getting cold medicine again yay!) and saw that they sell them in the store for only $20! If I was a kid I would have gone nuts for this present! It's called the Discovery Kids Color Me Castle, and I found them online at JCPenney.

  •  I'm super excited for Thanksgiving! I made Pioneer Woman's artichoke dip for Dave's family Thanksgiving last night and I'll be making Pioneer Woman's Mac and Cheese as my contribution to my family's Thanksgiving this year! Yummm!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Recent Ramblings: CMA Awards Edition

When Lionel Richie came out to sing with Little Big Town, I wasn't just distracted by the hair on that blonde chick..

Me: That guy looks like Bill Rancic. Where's Guiliana, Bill?
Dave: Yeah he's really gettin into it
Me: No that's not really Bill Rancic
Dave: Who the hell is Bill Rancic?
Me: Really? You don't know who he is?
Dave: No idea
Me: He won the first season of the Apprentice? 
Dave: Nope
Me: He's married to Guiliana from E News?
Dave: I got nothin
Me: So you really thought that was him up there singing?
Dave: How would I know?
Me: Oh gosh... I knew I should have just tweeted that instead of said it out loud.
Dave: Maybe...

followed by...

Dave: Can we fast forward?

Not too long after that conversation..

Me: Oh no Carrie, that outfit is just as bad as the last one was. She should have had Rachel Zoe style her for this just like Anne Hathaway did for the Oscars.
Dave: That'd be another good one for the twitter.
Me: clearly. 
And I follow up with #daveneedstwitter

The outfits I was referencing:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Aye Aye Aye

Aye Aye Aye! I haven't blogged in a while! So you get one of my lovely photo re-cap posts! You're welcome in advance!
We went to a super fun wedding for our friends Michael and Stacy! Love those Chi-O - Beta weddings! :)

All 3 of us girls below were Chi-O's that married Beta's! All from the same pledge class! Love it!

On another weekend, we celebrated our good friend Tim's 30th Birthday!!! 
It called for a trip to Ingrid's where 3 of the guys took on the boot challenge. 
The challenge is - you have to drink the boot in under 5 minutes for it to be free.
After the boot challenge we went to BossaNova for some rooftop drinks and one of the guys didn't quite make it... you can see him asleep in the bottom left picture. At least he finished the boot though!
We also attended Emily's wedding in October! It was gorgeous and a total blast! I wouldn't have expected anything less!
 I should also mention that I helped decorate her reception for the big day! It's a little side hobby of mine I'm trying to get going more on! She wanted more of an Anthropologie feel as opposed to floral. I think it turned out beautiful! Of course these are terrible quality pictures but you get the idea...
 If you know anyone getting married who wants help decorating and coming up with ideas for their big day please tell them to contact me. I looooove it! Oh and I'm pretty shy about this part of it but hey we're all friends right? And I figure if you're still reading you actually might care - I started a little side blog about weddings and party planning. Feel free to check it out and send your engaged friends my way :) Here it is: Party Prep

Well, that's all for now, you're caught up besides the tailgates that is... I'll save those for another day. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Recent Ramblings: My Husband is a Gamer Edition

As I'm leaving for work this morning...

Me: I have a Junior League meeting tonight.
Dave: Oh nice, can you find someone to get drinks with after wards or something? 
Me: There's a happy hour before it so I'll go to that at like 6.
Dave: So how long will you be gone? Like 4 hours?
Me: What the heck?
Dave: Modern Warfare 3 comes out today and I just tracked my package - it's arriving at 3 but I don't get out of class til 5...
Me: Wow. I'll find something to do, I'm not sure I want to witness what will be going on here
Dave: Ok thanks!

Cue: Eyeroll
I also have to mention that he made me watch some commercial for the game with Jonah Hill in it and kept looking over at me while it was playing to see if I was excited. Umm learn your audience bud.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Recent Ramblings: Kardashian Divorce Edition

Me: Did you hear?
Dave: Hear what?
Me: Hear about Kim Kardashian getting divorced duh!?
Dave: Oh yeah it's the top story on every website right now.
Me: Yeah, I knew they wouldn't last..
Dave: How'd you know?
Me: Because, at their wedding rehearsal she totally asked her friend: Is it normal to hate someone this much right before you get married?
Dave: (total sarcasm voice) OMG were you there?!
Me: Ugh nevermind 

I should have known he wouldn't be the person to discuss the details of the falling out of Kim's marriage.

What do you all think? Is Reggie Bush single? He's in Miami now... maybe Kourtney and Kim should take Miami...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Barcelona and Dublin Trip

So I know I totally slacked on posting about our Barcelona/Dublin trip last March... We had SO much fun and saw so many great things I thought I'd share my scrapbook that I just received in the mail so I don't leave you all hanging. I absolutely LOVE the book and am so pleased with MixBook.  I'm already working on my next MixBook for Napa/San Fran!

Note - you can't see it in Google Reader - you'll have to click over to my blog. 

| Learn About Mixbook Photo Books | Create your own Photo Book

Let me know if you have any questions about our trip or about using MixBook!