Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Recent Ramblings: My Husband is a Gamer Edition

As I'm leaving for work this morning...

Me: I have a Junior League meeting tonight.
Dave: Oh nice, can you find someone to get drinks with after wards or something? 
Me: There's a happy hour before it so I'll go to that at like 6.
Dave: So how long will you be gone? Like 4 hours?
Me: What the heck?
Dave: Modern Warfare 3 comes out today and I just tracked my package - it's arriving at 3 but I don't get out of class til 5...
Me: Wow. I'll find something to do, I'm not sure I want to witness what will be going on here
Dave: Ok thanks!

Cue: Eyeroll
I also have to mention that he made me watch some commercial for the game with Jonah Hill in it and kept looking over at me while it was playing to see if I was excited. Umm learn your audience bud.


Jax said...

haha... that's awesome. "How long will you be gone? Like 4 hours?" Classic. :)

Katie said...

LOL! Oh I totally posted about this today too! At least we have an out of town wedding this weekend so I don't have to compete for his time with that stupid game!

melissa said...

Hahaha. I love it. Silly boys. Hope you had fun getting drinks while he played his game!

Realtime Board said...

Lovelly post