Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vegas Bachelorette!

Where do I start? I just had THE best, MOST fun weekend with my BEST girl friends ever!
Flight left on Friday morning and Stephanie and I arrived in Vegas around 1030 am. We met up with Ashley since she landed around the same time, had a cocktail and headed to the hotel. So we got to the hotel and while we waited for Marissa to check us in we decided to play some slots (for free drinks). I won $20 right off the bat on the penny slots! It was definitely forshadowing the awesome weekend ahead!

O M G the hotel was amazing! We were living the good life in a penthouse suite at the Mirage! I'm talking huge room, bar area, tv's that came out of the foot of the bed, double walk in closets and the bathroom was as big as my living room at home! haha! It was perfect for 9 girls getting ready at the same time! Not too long after we got up there Room Service delivered a bottle of Champagne that Dave sent up for us! So sweet!

We decided to head to the pool for a little sun in the afternoon, then we came back and got ready for the night, ate some pizza and had way too much champagne! Then the wonderful hosts, Stephanie and Marissa, passed out the awesome gift bags they'd put together for everyone. They included all the necessities: advil, bandaids, sunglasses, shout wipes all packed in a darling tote that said "Christine's Vegas Bachelorette Party!". Then I opened all the lingerie gifts from the girls, very cute stuff! Thanks so much guys! I also made party favors for everyone, so I handed out the coasters I made that each had a tag saying "Next Drink is on Us!" Cute right?

The Mirage is where the Beatles LOVE cirque de soleil shows, so we went downstairs to the Beatles Revolution bar first, we were on our way to JET when the bouncer stopped us and gave each of us 2 free vodka drink passes so we said yes please! After everyone finished their alloted 2 drinks and our mini dance party was over we headed to JET. We had to sweet talk a guy to let us to the front of the line and into the VIP entrance. This place was HUGE! Lots of us got separated and after a while of searching some of us decided to head back to our little Revolution dance party.  There were a lot more people there now, and we ended up meeting Adrian Peterson! He was with 2 body guards and about 10 girls but we managed to get a picture with him and he told me congratulations on getting married! How cool is that?!?! You're all jealous, I know.

The next day after struggling to get out of bed we headed down to the pool to work on our tans. It didn't take long for everyone to start feeling better and the drinks started flowing! We met some guys from Dallas and Boston that were normal and fun to hang out with, keep in mind most of the girls on the trip were single, so there was a lot of flirting going on while AnneMarie, Juls, Marissa and I told stupid stories and just generally screwed with people for our entertainment.

After way too many drinks at the pool, we went upstairs, got ready for dinner at one of the cool restaurants in the Mirage. After dinner, a limo picked us up to take us to the Thunder from Down Under show! I was struggling a bit on the limo ride but luckily there was water bottles. I got some medicine when we got there and started feeling better about 30 minutes into the show. It was hilarious! I'm so glad I took my veil off before we went in b/c they were pulling girls on stage and dancing with them.. which was funny to watch, but I would not have enjoyed it! They were covered in oil and started off with different costumes on, but it always ended with them being in their little black thong and knee pads sliding across the stage. It was very entertaining! Afterwards, we took the limo to the Hard Rock b/c some of the girls wanted to meet up with the guys from the pool. It was a fun night!

The next day half of the girls left to go home, while AnneMarie, Kellie, Patti, Juls and I headed to our hotel for the last night, New York New York. I was not feeling well after the marathon day of drinking. I managed to get a piece of bread down and spent the entire day in bed. I gave my sister my ticket to the Zumanity show and she went with the rest of the girls while I stayed in bed to recover. Thank god I did, there's no way I could have traveled feeling that terrible! I'm so lucky to have such great friends! It was a weekend I'll never forget! Can't wait to do it again girls! Nappa next year?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wedding Wedding Wedding!!!!

It's all I can think about, talk about, dream about! I think since it's finally June - the month of the wedding - my mind is racing ALL the time! I want to iron out all the details and just can't wait for everything! I had a BLAST in Vegas with the girls for my Bachelorette party! I can't wait to tell you all about it!

Before that, I had a bridal shower in Oklahoma City from Dave's aunts which was a lot of fun! My mom and sister came down earlier that day and we went and bought me a veil and searched for shoes with no luck :( But then we headed out to the shower. Which was lots of fun! My flowergirl from Dave's side, Teryn and her mom and grandma drove down from Kansas and surprised me! it was SO sweet and SO good to see them! We got lots of good gifts from everyone there and from people who had just sent gifts! Every time I got a gift from Pottery Barn, who includes a little fake flower in their wrapping, Teryn would run up and grab the flower! She's going to be such a cute flowergirl! All of the gifts were amazing! We can't find anywhere to put everything... There are probably worse problems to have. Thank you to everyone who came to that shower! It was SO fun and the cake was awesome! We came back to Norman after the shower and had some friends over for margaritas and leftover cake. Everyone loved it. Here are some pics from the shower:

After the shower it was time to get ready for Vegas! I can't say enough how great my friends are. But I really do have THE best friends anyone could ask for! They are all so different but everyone gets along and has so much fun together.