Friday, May 1, 2009

DIY Love!

I LOVE crafts! Love Love Love them! Ever since I was a little girl I loved doing art projects and creating pretty things. I used to spend hours working on my scrapbooks in elementary school. In middle school I moved on to cool collages mixed with photos and words I snipped from Seventeen magazine. "Hot Stuff!" and "Girlfriends!" were some of the regulars. High school I was into making hemp necklaces and bracelets. I took AP Art in high school where i mostly drew nature in abstract colors. I wasn't the greatest artist but I loved it! One of my best friends, AnneMarie and I were in AP art together and we'd stay in class through lunch hour working on our side projects that we were making for friends.

When I got to college I moved on to decorating my dorm room. I painted the edge around one of those cheap $5 fill length mirrors. I remember thinking my pink and purple leopard painted mirror was the perfect addition to any dorm room. Which explains why I was later devastated to fine out Dave and his roommates had accidentally broken the mirror while I was storing it under their bunk beds in the Beta house. (What was I thinking in the first place storing anything at a fraternity house?) My crafting later led me to spend hours and weeks making shot books for friends' 21st birthday celebrations. I recently flipped through the one my girlfriends made for me and was quite impressed with the creativity and time put into a one time used book for drinking! I also flipped through the one I made for Dave - which was quite entertaining since the pictures are from 3-4 years ago! We used to have so much free time! It seems like my most favorite pictures were of the nights we just hung out drinking cheap beers on thrift store purchased couches playing endless games of asshole. (If you've never played - it's Really fun! Find the rules here:

Last year when I was in between having a job and graduating from school I made these photo accordions that are super cute! I even got Antique Garden on campus corner to buy some from me to sell in their store! Antique Garden is one of my absolute favorite stores, one which I will definitely miss if we ever move out of Norman!

Lately, I've been working on a few DIY projects for the wedding. I found an amazing wedding blog called StyleMePretty with an entire section dedicated to DIY projects. After scouring through every post they had I decided on the matchboxes and sparkler holders to fuel my crafting needs. I think they've turned out perfect! I almost don't want to give them away!
What do you think?

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