Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tying Up Loose Wedding Ends

I've been crazy busy lately - I can't believe the wedding is exactly 2 months away! We've been spending a lot of free time working on the invitations and I'm proud to say that they are stamped and in the mail! Finally!!! :) I think they are just beautiful and can't wait for all of our guests to start getting them and RSVP'ing! Next up is the Rehearsal Dinner invitations, and I need to schedule a dress fitting ASAP - I can't believe my wedding dress is here at my house! It's making me so nervous that something is going to happen to it! (I didn't have time to get a fitting in Tulsa and decided it would be easier to find a tailor here in Norman) I also need to find shoes asap so the tailor knows how to hem the bottom! Anyone have any ideas on shoes? I want to be comfortable but chic. I really wish I could find an elegant wedge heel to wear - but all I can seem to find are casual wedges... So the hunt continues!
I found some at jcrew but I have a hard time paying so much for J.Crew shoes.. might as well go for Stuart Weitzman if I'm going to spend that much right?

Here's the J.Crew pair:

And the Stuart Weitzman's:

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