Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to Cooper and Nigel!!!

I hope you guys are enjoying a whole lot of this on your birthday today.

Because when your Mom and Dad get home, there will be a whole lot of this:

Yummm Doggy Ice Cream!!!
Mona came over last year for their birthday and she really enjoyed it.

In case you're wondering, Cooper is 3 years old today and Nigel is 5 (we think). Since Nigel just showed up on Dave's doorstep we're not sure of his real birthday or age so we decided to celebrate them together.
If you want to get them a present, they love Dingo's and soft fuzzy toys. :)

Happy Birthday Cooper and Nigel! You're the best dogs in the world and just for today we won't get mad at you for messing up the house! It's your day, enjoy it! Oh and Nigel, your dad is still working on getting you that squirrel trap you asked for.


Sweet Simplicity said...

Doggie icecream?!?! I need to get some of this!

opal said...

Happy Birthday Coop and Nigel! Grandma has dingos for you!