Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall Shopping

If I'm good for anything it's a post about shopping. Let's get down to business shall we?

I always find it hard to pick shoes in the fall/winter. I own 6 pairs of boots that I still love to wear but some days I don't want boots and my only other closed toe shoes (since I decided I'm over Sperry's) are my TB Revas, which you cannot wear with socks. My office is fah-reezing, so cold that I had to smuggle in a contraband space heater. (If you tell on my I'll cut you) So basically I'm left with boots everyday.

I've recently started liking the looks of sneakers with casual-wear.

Apparently this trend has been going on for a while... this was in Vogue last fall. But in typical Oklahoma fashion we're a year or two behind.

Not sure the MC Hammer pants on #5 will ever make it to Oklahoma and I'm OK with that.
I'm thinking this is the type of outfit I'd rock them with the most:

Dark gray thermal, skinnies, navy loop scarf with gray boots - would love to replace with new sneaks.

So, I've narrowed my choices down, please tell me which you think I'd be able to wear most!
I love the light neon yellow on these and the gray is neutral so I could wear them with a lot.
ASICS - Tiger Serrano - on Sale! 

ASICS - Tiger California - not on sale but the red would be good to have for gameday..

What do you think of the look? Do you have any other good ideas for winter footwear that doesn't involve boots?

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