Monday, November 5, 2012

What's on my DVR

It's fall and that means all the new good TV is on! And I watch a lot of it! - seriously, people ask me what I do while Dave studies in the evenings... my usual answer is that I watch a lot of TV and it's nice not having to fight over the remote. (what will I do when he graduates? - that's a problem for another day)

Here's what I'm watching - with my opinions sprinkled in!

The majority of Sunday is spent watching NFL RedZone - I signed up for an all girls fantasy football team this year and I'm actually pretty into it. I think it's b/c my team is awesome - I'm in first place. NBD. (even though the girl I played this week started 3 guys that were injured... it still counts)

Sunday nights - RHOA just started - it's not my fave RH franchise but I love me some Nene.

Cannot wait for the premier of RHOBH tonight!!! I wonder how Adrienne's divorce will play out... I thought their bickering was kind of cute in the beginning, then it got a little weird. Kyle and Lisa are still my faves. I wish Camille was still an "official cast member" I read she'll just have a supporting role.


Happy Endings - Favorite show right now! - everyone please start watching! It's the new friends but SO much funnier! In case you need some convincing - watch this clip:

The Mindy Project - watched a couple times, pretty funny, loved her book so I'm giving this show a chance.

Modern Family - duh - loved this show since the beginning, although I do think that Claire needs to eat a few chili cheeseburgers - sometimes her thinness is distracting.

Nashville - LOOOVE! Thank goodness Connie Britton got off of American Horror Story - she's amazing and I don't do horror. I look forward to this show the most every week!  (Maybe b/c I have a date with a friend to watch it every week but also  b/c it's Amazing!)

Lots of good shows on Thursdays(we usually save a few of these for the weekend or Monday) - I'll rank them in order of my faves:

First - The League - see above - obsessed with Fantasy Football and this show's humor reminds me of most of the guys Dave and I hang out with. (don't judge)
Second - Parks and Rec - Ron Swanson and Aziz Ansari. Enough said.

Third - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - weird humor - but Charlie has my stomach hurting from laughter most episodes. If you watch it then you get it.

Fourth - Real Housewives of Miami - these girls know how to bring the crazy! I don't really have a favorite on this one, I think the cast is a little too large to really get to know any of them, but maybe that's what they're going for on Miami? (I'm not sure any of them are likable if you see them for over 10 minutes)

Fifth - The Office - been watching this since the 1st season so we've got to finish it out, I'm excited to hopefully see Jim move onto bigger and better things and I still hope that Angela's baby is Dwight's.

Shark Tank - makes me want to invent something and become bff's with Mark Cuban. We usually watch this earlier the next week b/c we're never home Friday evenings.

So what am I missing? Or what all are you watching? Please tell me I'm not the only one with this many shows in their weekly lineup...


Emily said...

I didn't know Adrienne was getting a divorce! And, I agree, I was sad when I didn't see Camille in the cast. She sucked in the first season, but I really liked her in the

Jodie said...

I haven't watched the RHOBH yet from last night!!! Ahhh!! I love Lisa and Kyle too!! Everyone keeps talking about The League, maybe I should give it a try!!