Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blaze - go get it!

I used to babysit a kid named Blaise, it was a pretty sweet gig - they had a basketball court and all he ever wanted to do was play horse. And his parents always left money to order pizza. Can't beat that.

Just like you can't beat this new Blaze!

I tried to make my own balsamic vinegar glaze once, I didn't have the patience for it and gave up. My good friend Jaclyn's husband told me about Blaze and I had to tell you all b/c it's kind of a game changer when it comes to cooking at home.

I found it at Target by the balsamic vinegar and olive oil - I haven't seen it at other stores but you could check. 

I used it to create the most amazing caprese salad the other night - Dave gave me the ok to make this salad for dinner any night. He loved it!

I served it with some toasted baguette crostini's yummm
My mouth is watering just looking at these pictures...
I plan on using the Blaze again tonight on some homemade pizza! The back of the bottle says it goes well on ice cream... I'm intrigued.

Go getcha some now!

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