Monday, October 31, 2011

Lovely Halloween!

Those of you who guessed - were right!!! We dressed up as the lovely Kate Middleton and Prince William for Halloween this year!
We had some friends over before we headed to the Dental School Party, everyone looked SO good!
Kate, Wills, Bearded Lady, Green Man, Sloth, Andy from the Goonies, Silent Bob and Jay.

Then we merged pre-parties and met up with some friends before heading to the party.
Kate, Dead Elizabeth Taylor and Pregnant Beyonce

 Jay and Kate
I'd like to think that Kate Middleton would have totally taken a shot with Elizabeth Taylor and Jay...
And in case you're wondering - I totally DIY'ed that fascinator! That's right folks, just call me Crafty Christine. 
William, Jay Z and Silent Bob - they'd totally all be friends!
This is about the point in the night where William started talking down to Kate, "You're not of royal blood woman" and eventually "You're a mudblood"  William had a rough night after this...
Stole these from FB - Kate, Cat in the Hat and The King.
Not sure what that guy is? then Santa Red Man? the King and Prince William

And for those of you who want instructions on how to DIY your own Kate Middleton fascinator - shoot me a comment and I'll hook you up! I had to finish mine at work on Friday b/c I couldn't find my hot glue gun so I had to borrow one. When it was finished you better believe I sat at my desk with my fascinator on. My boss walked by and said - "Why wouldn't you be wearing that?" to which I replied, "It's fancy Friday, duh"


Jodie said...

Love love the outfits!! I kept looking at the pictures and I really think you look like Kate!! Her twin!!

Jax said...

Love your costumes! You guys look like the real deal!

katie@tulsadetails said...

You guys make a perfect Will and Kate! Loved seeing all of the other creative costumes! I'm always so lame.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of you at work. Ha, fancy Friday's... you would!

melissa said...

Oh my gosh, your costumes were AWESOME! You were the perfect Kate and your hubby was a great Will! Can't believe you made the fascinator. Very crafty, lady!

Sweet Simplicity said...

Love the costumes!! I think I know the pregnant Beyonce...Stephanie?

stacylyn said...

How weird is it that I google image "Goonies costumes" for OUHSC's All-College 80's party, only to find the 1st image of interest to be that of a fellow dent! CRAZY! My husband is a DS2 & I (hopefully) start hygiene in the fall :) Couldn't resist sharing that coincidence!