Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lots of Partying!

I've got a lot of pictures from recent events so I thought I'd make it a mash up of all the Partying we've been doing this summer! :)

We partied at the lake with our Tulsa friends!

Here are a few pictures from the Couples Shower we threw a couple weeks ago. I plan on doing a separate post covering the shower as soon as I get pictures from everyone else, but I wanted to give you a glimpse!

Dave and I partied at Mama Roja's the night before the shower and this was our gorgeous view!

Really? Does it get any better than that?

We partied at Republic for Dave's Birthday and Father's day.
Love this place!
Everyone loved the book we got Rex for father's day, Shit My Dad Says, will have you laughing out loud and rolling on the floor!

Dave got some new shoes for school and a super cool smoker box for the grill!

Dave with his Mom, Grandmother and Great "Gran"Mother

And Dave and Kristin outside of Republic!

We partied for Dave's White Coat Ceremony the Friday before with family and friends!

That was supposed to be a white doctors coat on the cookie cake... looks more like a tunic dress but you get the picture right?

I made Martha Stewart's Summer Sangria for the party and we all had stained teeth by the end of the night!
Nothing says Dental School like stained teeth and cookie cake!

Bean bag toss killed some of our grass but was worth it!

Cooper was my little baby... he hates parties.
Then he was his Dad's little baby.
Dave tried to cheer up Cooper!
It was a good night!
We also partied at our friends' Lane and Mike Tinsley's wedding!
Mike will be starting his 3rd year of dental school when Dave starts his first, his grooms cake was a big tooth! I didn't get a pic of it but it was super cute!

It was a great time in Norman, got to see a lot of old friends and decided I miss living in Norman way too much!

Yes, I'm a lobster. I'm also an idiot who didn't wear any sunscreen at the pool that day. Hello Cancer patient. Don't worry, I learned my lesson. I'm also in the market for a sunscreen pill for those of us who lay out when we're too hungover to move let alone remember to put on sunscreen.

Nice Zoolander impression!

Time to go home... Cartmell peed his pants.

Not sure why we didn't take this picture BEFORE we danced and got all sweaty at the reception but hey it was a good idea at the time. This is how the convo went:
Me: "Hey babe, let's take a picture, we never get dressed up anymore!"
Dave: "Do I have to put my jacket back on?"
Me: "Yeah, that's the point. You can take it off after"
Dave: (very affirmatively)"Oh I will."
Me: "Ok then do it I don't care, now smile and try not to look like a dumbass"
Dave: "That's going to be hard considering the amount of beers I consumed"
Me: "Just smile, we should have done this earlier"
Dave: "Don't we have like 5 more weddings this year?"
Me: "Yeah, but I probably won't wear this outfit again"
Dave: Rolls his eyes then obliges, remembering it's officially our anniversary since it's passed midnight. "You look really pretty" Smiles. and says, "I hope that was a good one b/c the jackets coming off now."

After one year of marriage, you learn to take what you can get in these situations! haha!


ChasingHallie said...

I LOVE your bar cart you have in that first picture. Where did you get that?

Christine said...

Thanks! We saw it in Pottery Barn and my father-in-law made a replica! I told him he needs to sell them... I'll let you know if he ever decides to!