Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Wedding Style

Wedding Season and Summer pretty much go hand in hand. And if you're in you're mid-twenties like me, you're in the prime wedding season years. Beginning in April, our wedding season is lasting until late August with 6 weddings we'll have attended! Wowzas! I'm so glad I let myself buy a new dress for all of my own bridal showers last year. Now I have options! But a girl still wants a new dress every once in a while. I mean come on, a lot of the same guests will be at these weddings. I don't want to commit a fashion faux pas.

I've compiled some of my favorite wedding guest looks for this season and can't wait to share!

I probably should have prefaced this with "I have really girly style, not much of an edge here" but I hope you liked something!
You could totally do any of the shoes or purses with any of the dresses to save you some cash! Mix and Match my friends!
What are you all wearing to weddings this season?


Annie said...

I love your style! So cute.

Emily @ EMILY POSTS said...

mid-upper twenties..thought i'd point it out

eas said...

LOVE the outfits and your collage! You are so creative!
Lunch with Em and I soon!

Unknown said...

Those Badgley Mischkla shoes are to die for!!!