Monday, July 26, 2010

GaGa OohLaLa

Here's my recap of GaGa in picture form! (the best form)

We went to Taco Tuesday at Iguana Grill beforehand and rode their complimentary Ragin Transit to the show! Pretty awesome deal!

Right before she came out!

So excited to have found club level seats to sneak into! The people never showed up! There were 6 empty seats in a row all for us.. Muahaha!

There she is! Yayyyy!

She opened with Just Dance

She's playing the Key Tar above

Playing Speechless on the flaming piano

Then she went into this tornado for a costume change..
And she came out in this crazy headdress outfit that moved on it's own!

Set change

Show me your teeth!

yeah I had to wear my glasses... might be time to re-visit the contact idea.

Wizard of Oz-ish

Monster that we had to scream to kill! haha

Bad Romance Encore!
Such a great ending to the best concert I've ever been to! Way to go GaGa, you'll be the next Madonna for sure!

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Emily said...

Good pics, lady! Looks like Gaga didn't disappoint!