Thursday, April 7, 2011

Product Review: Ponytail Pouf!

Anyone out there with fine hair NEEDS this item. I'm not kidding you, it has changed my life. I remember thinking last summer when I wanted to wear my hair in a ponytail for a wedding, "I wish they had something that would make my hair appear thicker in this ponytail". Low and behold, Goody can read my mind!

Here's how I started out for the day, hair's looking good and misleadingly thick. (Sidenote: not sure what happened, but I used to have really thick hair and in the past couple years it's become super fine and I miss my thick hair!!! What did I do to deserve such fine hair?)
Then I worked out and put it in a ponytail, this is when the yucky ponytail happens:
SuperLame and Sad and thin looking ponytail :(

Then I found the miracle Goody Pony Pouf Clip at Target and it transformed my sad sad pony to this Awesome, Bouncy, Poufy goodness you see here:
Come in for a close up:
 Pretty amazing right??? I'm obsessed, so obsessed that I debated whether I should share my secret with the world. Then I remembered that I'm nice and I like you guys so you're welcome! :)

Here's the miracle clip:
It comes in "Blonde" and "Brunette" and has 2 settings, one for you lucky b*tches with thick hair and one for us struggling to get the poof in our fine hair. 

 I'm so happy with this thing I could wear a ponytail everyday!
 Do you all have any awesome products you use that I need to know about?
I'm getting my first gel manicure tomorrow! So pumped!


Kristin said...

I have super thin hair too, so I am definitely going to try that product! Thanks!

Emily said...

Ugh, I have super fine hair too -- thanks for the tip!!

Anonymous said...

So cute!!!!!!!! I love it. I wonder if it works for my thick hair?

Also, try Seche Vite nail polish (clear coat) its amazing!!!!

Unknown said...

Pony Pouf is the sh%#

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

wow, that "poof" really does wonders! i just found your blog and am a new follower-- please stop by mine!

Anna Elder said...

i'm glad you decided to share your trick with us! i see these things in the packages and think, oh that looks cool, but i can never really figure out how they work. there's one crazy spiral one that i always look at. i'll have to try this out. i always hate how my hair looks in a pony, but i want to wear it up in the summer and evenings.

erica said...

I am definitely trying out this product! Thanks so much for sharing! I absolutely LOVE your blog and am your newest follower!