Wednesday, September 28, 2011

OU vs. Tulsa - 1st Gameday!

The Sooners played Tulsa in the season opener over Labor Day weekend
It was 102 degrees out, I wore my new red dress and my hair was up within 5 minutes. Just setting the scene for you all. 
Oh and my family came! My Dad hooked us up with a Solar Powered generator to keep our fan going all day. If you're in the Oklahoma, Kansas or Texas area and want to go green he's your guy! Check out his Facebook page here
Me and seeester - that's not sweat, I'm glistening. 
It felt like we were in Mexico, so naturally we started the day with margaritas!
 Mom and bro rockin the crimson!
 We were super excited to use our new tailgate gear! These chairs are the best - the side table is where it's at. I got Dave one for Christmas and decided I needed my own... isn't that how it always goes? We also got this sweet new portable grill that is also an ipod speaker! It gets pretty loud, we definitely stepped it up this year with the party atmosphere!
Lots of beer pong was played, on the new beer pong table - that I got Dave for his birthday - go ahead and award me the wife of the year trophy.

The whole shebang
 With the fam - somehow we managed to not take a photo all together, we were having too much fun I guess.
Dave and his Dad and other brother in law Matt. 
Dental school wives and one dental school student.
Dental school tailgating friends
Kickoff wasn't until 7 so we had a looong day of tailgating before making it into the game.

The Sooners won 47-14 ! I'd say it was a successful day!


katie@tulsadetails said...

Love the solar panels! Ha!! :)

melissa said...

That looks like it was so much fun. I love your tailgating set up! A blender, a solar panel powered fan and a beer pong table? That's serious tailgating! Love it.

We haven't been able to make any games or tailgate this season with the little one but I am hoping we can get to a game later in the season if it cools down enough.