Monday, September 5, 2011

Show Us Your Colors: Oklahoma Sooners!!!

I was pumped when I read about a College Football blog link up going around! Here's why I love the Oklahoma Sooners (And why you should too!)

We're true Sooners - proof below, staking out our tailgate spot. The Friday before every home game tailgaters are allowed to claim their spots at noon. We get out there at 10:30 to ensure we get the spot we want.
 We have some of the cutest gameday outfits around!
 We stay until the end of the game!
And afterwards we meet up with friends to catch the highlights and see how the rest of college football is playing out.
My parents named their adorable yorkie Boomer after the Sooners!
Our Coach - Bob Stoops, is probably the sexiest coach in all college football. (Seriously, watching FNL ALWAYS makes me think of Bob - I think they modeled Coach Taylor after our Stoops)

and the #1 reason why you should love the Sooners - We're Ranked #1!!!!!


Jodie said...

Love this!! I'm a pretty huge OU fan myself!! I think Bob is very good looking!! I'm glad I have someone else that agrees!! ;)

Patti said...


Also, TOTALLY agree about Coach Taylor and Coach Stoops. Yum...