Tuesday, August 31, 2010

GameDay Outfits Obsession

OU kicks off this Saturday in Norman, which means one thing to me - what do I wear?
Each year, no matter how many red and white combos I come up with, I dislike them the next year. Is this normal? And so the obsession to find a new perfect gameday outfit begins... And this year there are 3 straight Saturday home games in a row. Which means I need 3 new outfits. (sorry Dave, I'll try and reuse something from last year)
Here are my favorites from last year, I'm still loving the sweetheart top striped tank but I think it'll be too warm for jeans... maybe not if it's a night game. Hmm so many things to think about...

I started looking for the perfect Red and White dress, haven't had any luck. But I did find a cute, cheap black skirt... Now onto finding the perfect red tanktop or t-shirt to go with it.. Why is OU red so hard to find?? Seriously, I've looked at all the usual places. Target, Old Navy, Gap, Banana, J.Crew, Saks, ShopBop, (Notice how these are getting increasingly more expensive? Not a good road to go down.) Unfortunately or Luckily depending on who you talk to, I wasn't able to find anything worth my while at any of these places. :(

Today I plan on venturing out to some of the campus corner boutiques over my lunch hour. Please please cross your fingers for me so that I don't have to wear a 3-peat outfit the next 3 weekends. And if you have any ideas where I can find something adorable and affordable I'd love you forever! 

Lots of love,
Red and White clothes obsessive.
This is my brain hunting for red and white clothes. Yikes!


Emily said...

I feel the EXACT same way! No matter what I had last year, I don't want to repeat in fear that someone will notice I wore it last football season! The horror! If you find anything cute, let me know!

Christine said...

Emily - Savvy had a bunch of cute t-shirts and tank tops that weren't outrageously priced. I got a red racerback tank with Oklahoma and a megaphone on the front for $30. Not bad. They had a few dresses too, you should check there for sure!