Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Real Housewives Ridiculousness!

The RHONJ reunion part 1 was nuts last night! I'm glad we finally know what everyone was talking about at the last reunion regarding what Danielle did to Dina. I also really liked Teresa's dress! Wasn't it cute?
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Then I was reading Dlisted and found out why Danielle got her so heated when she mentioned how Teresa didn't go visit her "nephew" when he was born.  Turns out it may have been her husbands lovechild and not a nephew.... You know what they say - Bravo knows DRAMA! haha wow. I'm a nerd. In case you're wondering - here's a link to my source.

They've also officially announced the ladies who will be on RHO Beverly Hills. Including Paris Hilton's aunt, Kelsey Grammer's ex-wife. Read all about it here.
 RHOBH has some potential, I'll be watching. Not that I discriminate against the Real Housewives. I hated the first 2 episodes of DC and yet I'm still watching. 
I like Mary's family and Stacie seems the most real and down to earth, but Michaele is definitely on something and Cat is exactly how Stacie put it, "Straight up Rude!" 
What do you all think?

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eas said...

I can't wait for RHOBH! And you're right...DC is so boring, but I can't stop watching! What is wrong with us?!