Monday, August 2, 2010

Live every week like it's shark week!

Words to live by from Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock.

For more fun Shark Week stuff check out Erin's blog!

We had a great weekend, started off with happy hour at McNellies. Where Dave decided to start the 200 beer list, he was able to knock 3 off the list Friday. If you're not familiar, McNellie's has over 200 beers and if you try 200 of them they give you your own mug to keep at the bar with your name on it. So every time you come in you get to drink from your own mug! Pretty cool deal. We'll see how long it takes to complete. Ya never know with this guy!

We made it down to Norman for some sushi with Ryan and Lindy, which was followed by many drinks at their house! The rest of the weekend was pretty low key, shopping, tv, mexican food, and a little pool action.  I watched my favorite show right now, Bethenny Getting Married, and cried, their family is just too cute!

I relaxed with a little shopping and found some fun stuff for our upcoming vacation to the beach! I've been loving little straw fedoras at the beach and was determined to find one!

Emily looks adorable in hers.

Jen blogged about how to recreate Reese Witherspoon's look below.
Diane Kruger looked cute in hers recently.

LC, Emily's girl crush, was the picture of poolside perfection in hers recently.

I looked and looked all over the mall and luckily found one at The Gap in the men's section, but I'm pretty sure fedoras are unisex. I can't wait to sport mine on our beach vacay in 1 week!
I'm taking restaurant and shopping recommendations for the Destin Florida area now.. Anyone know of any must-go places?

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