Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I wish this was my to-do list!

How do I get this to be my to-do list?

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I remember when I was younger and would do nothing during the summer break. My Dad would see me heating up a toaster strudel at 11am and tell me, "Do something productive today, anything." I think that has always stuck with me. Although, I'm not sure making a plate of nachos and remembering to scrape the cheese off the plate afterwards is considered productive. But somedays that's as productive as I can handle to be, as it turns out, Dental students like to party and my hangovers get worse with age. Anyone have a miracle cure because I don't see these next 4 years slowing down at all! What's your hangover secret? Have you ever had a to-do list like this? I know Emily hasn't.

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Emily @ EMILY POSTS said...

UGH hangover's DO get worse with age! Just wait until you're my age!