Saturday, August 7, 2010

Long August Days

Dave has been studying like crazy the past 2 weeks, and his final is today! I'm praying for a happy husband afterwards! It's been a long couple of weeks trying to entertain myself... August has some of the longest days.
He usually takes a break to take the dogs on a walk with me after dinner and the other night we snapped a few pics. Couldn't believe it was still light out at 9!

I'm thankful that the following tv shows have started up recently, some good reality tv is all I really need. :)

Love Brad! But what happened with Taylor?? I'm glad she's gone, but woah what happened?

And of course, the old standby's are still going strong!

Ok, I seriously think me and Bethenny could be bff. She is absolutely hilarious and adorable! She was always my favorite on the RHONY but her new show really lets her hilarious personality come out. How funny was it when she got her first post-pregnancy margarita! Laughed out loud. And the last episode was so sweet, I cried a couple times then made Dave watch it because he needed to witness the cuteness!
I'm pumped for the finale tonight! I hope they announce a second season stat!

These chicks are nuts. Nuts but entertaining. I wonder how Teresa's financial troubles will play out on tv?
It seems like they're setting them up for a big Oops moment!

And lastly, SYTYCD! Love it! Love Kent and Robert! Kent will for sure win and I'll be sad when it's over but luckily.....

Next week we'll be beachside and I get to spend lots of time with the hubbs while he's not wearing his noise reducing headphones and looking at gross anatomy books!
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How perfect does that look?? Ahhh can't wait to put my toes in the sand!

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