Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Randoms

r a n d o m t h o u g h t s

How great were the Beatles? I would kill to have seen them play the Shea Stadium concert or the one on the rooftop! Every song is brilliant from the lighthearted "Since I Saw Her Standing There" to the meaningful "Hey Jude".

Why is it so hard for me to decide what to wear to work each day? My guess is the weather, it changes through out the day so layers are necessary and my cardigan/sweater wardrobe is drab. I find myself just standing in front of the closet staring blankly.

How come pumpkin spice lattes aren't offered year round? Maybe I'll try and make friends with someone who works at Starbucks...

Last night I thought The Hills and The City would be on, wrong they're on Tuesdays. Yay for Tuesday!

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