Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas InstaPost

We had a wonderful Christmas! I went to Tulsa for a few days while Dave stayed behind in OKC to study for boards. I left him with a delicious quiche and the dogs so he didn't feel so alone, while I got some quality sister bonding time. He joined us in Tulsa on Christmas Eve, just in time for Mass and we had a delicious dinner (PW's 3 cheese stuffed shells) and then spend Christmas morning opening gifts with my family. We hit the turnpike around noon and spent the rest of the day and evening with Dave's family opening gifts and catching up.  We were totally spoiled by both of our families and are now enjoying a new Keurig, new sunglasses and a new Kindle Fire thanks to them! 

**burlap wrapped mini tree**  **our stockings** 
**lights on the porch columns**  **wreath to hide dead flowers**

**lights around whole foods**  **nigel snuggles**
**enjoying many cups of coffee while studying for boards**  **lights around chesapeake**

**seester clothing swap**  **christmas cocktails with juls and jack**
**mercury glass centerpiece**  **christmas with the boards studiers**

**christmas cocktails at mahogany**  **christmas catch up with the girls**
**quiche for dave left behind in okc**   **crafty moss trees I made**


katie@tulsadetails said...

Looks like a great Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

McGills! Although Mahogany would have been nice too! ;)