Friday, July 14, 2017

5 on Friday

It's been a while I know.. I'm sorry! Can I blame it on Summer? Whatever. I'm back now with 5 things :)

1. I bought these bento box lunchboxes and they seriously changed our lives! My kid is the kid that doesn't eat at school... literally I'd pick him up and could tell on his breath that he had not eaten since breakfast. :( Why won't he just try the mini corndogs?! They're delicious!! Sooo I decided this summer I'd start packing his lunch so he wouldn't be such a cranky hungry beast when he got home.. After a week or so of using all the ziplock bags in the world I decided to pull the trigger on these bento boxes I'd seen and they make it SO easy, I actually feel like an organized mom! I got 2 for each kid and a snack size one! Here's the link: YumBox I got 4 of the Panino size and 1 of the Snack size and we take the snack size one to restaurants for Bridget so she has snacks and I don't have to pack a bunch of ziplocks.
And here's a pic of them packed up:

John Rex got a leftover donut hole this day but usually I just put teddy grahams in there.

And Right now they're having a sale on their website!! use code TRY20 for 20% off!

2. The Nordstrom sale is EVERYWHERE - like omg we get it! I've been trying to really be in love with something before I buy it so I edited down my picks. I sent in a ThredUp clean out bag and realized I had a ton of stuff I'd bought and wore once and never wore again. (But I got almost $75 back from my clean out bag! Score!)

So here are some of my faves:

Bell Sleeve Sweater - Sale $38.90 After sale $59
Main Image - Leith Bell Sleeve Sweater

Loooove this brand for fall/winter flannels - if you just buy one this is the one, SO soft and flattering!
Plaid Shirt - $99 After Sale $148
Main Image - Rails Hunter Plaid Shirt

Assymetrical Sweatshirt Jacket - $49.90 After Sale $79.00
Love the idea of this with leggings.. every day.
Main Image - Caslon® Asymmetrical Drape Collar Terry Jacket (Regular & Petite)

Or the short version with jeans every day...
Knit moto jacket - $52 After Sale - $79
Main Image - Caslon® Knit Moto Jacket (Regular & Petite)

Lace Up Sweater - $69 After Sale $105
Main Image - cupcakes and cashmere Danton Lace-Up Sweatshirt

Ok I ran out of time.. I will be back with more faves I promise!!

3. Not from Nordstrom.. but Obsessed with this top for fall date nights and also this one for now anytime!

4. The OC housewives are back and serving up the drama. Anyone else sick of Vicki being on there? I get it that she's the OG of the OC but I've had enough..

5. I started listening to podcasts when I'm at my desk or at the grocery store or in the car and I'm loving it! So far I'm just listening to a couple of Real Housewives ones (Bitch Sesh and Watch what Crappens) and non-bravo related - Awesome with Alison but do you all have any I need to check out?


katie@tulsadetails said...

This just showed up today. Weird! But can't wait to check out the podcasts!

Emily Clark said...

I can't swallow the price tag on those bento boxes! Cheap mom here ordered these meal prep boxes on amazon. I think it was $12 for 10 or something and they've he'd up pretty well. My kid eats at school (so they say) but doesn't eat at home. WTF

Do you watch bachelor? Mystery Show Podcast had one season but its SO GOOD!!!! I'll text you some others...I pump in the car so I'm all about podcasts.

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