Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Fakesgiving!

We've got a great weekend planned! I thought I'd share with you what our fun plans are so you can all be jealous. Tonight we're all going out in the city for Brent's birthday... should be a crazy night! Dave and I haven't gone out on the town in a while, so I decided I wanted a cute new outfit for tonight. Found an adorable dress at BCBG half off, can't beat that! I was so excited, then when I got home to hang it up I noticed the girl had left the security sensor on it! UGH! This seriously happens to me ALL the time! How hard is your job? I mean - you hang up clothes and get people dressing rooms, can you not remember to do the one thing that affects the customer the most?!!? So frustrating! Hopefully it's still as cute despite the hassle.

Tomorrow we're having a Happy Fakesgiving with our close friends Lindy and Ryan! We decided to kick off the holidays early! Ryan borrowed his dad's turkey fryer, so we're having fried turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, broccoli casserole, cranberry sauce, rolls, and lots of wine! I'm also making the appetizers to eat during the OU vs Texas Tech game. Paula Deen's spinach artichoke dip and some yummy cranberry cocktail meatballs! Oh and I'm also attempting to make a Harvest Loaf Bundt cake... please note this will be my first time baking something from scratch. Wish me luck!

I will post pictures of the Fakesgiving spread next week to get your mouths watering for Thanksgiving!

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