Monday, December 6, 2010

More Christmas Ideas

I know you all still need more ideas for what to get me for Christmas. And I told you I'd be back with more last week. So I didn't want to let you down, that's not my style.

This time I've come up with even more valid reasons for why I NEED the things I'm asking for. As if you needed more reason to shop for me.

I need these for our trip to Crested Butte this New Years, last year I couldn't participate in the trash can lid sledding b/c my Uggs didn't keep my feet dry and warm enough. I do not want to be left out this year. I will not be left out. Please help me live up to my trash can lid sledding dreams...

And of course I need the socks to go with them.. I mean how else will my toesies stay toasty without these babies?

These gloves have magic fingers that will work on your iphone! I've been caught using my nose to navigate my phone in the winter one too many times... I need these to save myself from the embarrassment and from chilly fingers!
Quilted Echo Driver Gloves - in black please :)

I think it's time I invested in a nice warm coat. Buying a new cheap one every year isn't going to cut it. I'm still cold and I don't like my coats. :(
Plus, how cute is this one?? Timeless, slimming, and made of some special wool that's not as bulky but warmer, does it get any better?
JCrew - Stadium Cloth Peacoat - in black size 6 please! :)
And if you buy it by Sunday - you can save 30% and get free shipping with the code SHIP150
What are you waiting for? Don't you like saving $?
My lucky little sister is studying abroad in Barcelona next semester and I would be the worst sister in the world if I didn't go visit her while she's there! So I'll need this to start planning my trip, Rick Steve's had the best recommendations for our Italy trip. I won't go to Europe without his book.

We're also planning on jetting over to Dublin for St. Patrick's Day while we're there.
I'll also need this one:
Rick Steve's - Dublin 2010

I need this b/c it's adorable and it's less than $50, can't beat that!

ModCloth - Orchid Grower Dress - sz Medium please :)

I Love this sweater!!! I would LIVE in this thing!
 Asos - knitted jumper with side buttons - sz 8 please:) (UK sizing is smaller)

Gameday Red sweater hoodie jacket? Need this for so many reasons! I 'd layer it on everyday to keep me warm walking to and from my car, keep it at my desk to stay warm in the chilliest office ever, and of course I'd wear it to all the chilly football games and watch parties!
Patagonia Woman's Better Sweater Jacket - sz small

Well, what are you waiting for? There's only 19 days left to ship and of these lovely items to your house!
I'll be back tomorrow with a little DIY decor project for ya! :)


Sweet Simplicity said...

I love those boots! I really hope I get a pair of those gloves. :)

katie@tulsadetails said...

Love all your wish list items!!! I especially love your coat choice and you definitely couldn't not go visit your sister ;)!

smithpeasinapod said...

ooooh I MUST have some of those gloves!!!