Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fine Dining at Taco Bueno

Last night I decided to take the night off from cooking and was craving my old favorite, Taco Bueno.

Before you judge, here are a couple of the delicious dinners I have provided for the household lately.
Delicious grilled turkey and cheese on tuscan bread (Tulsa girls - get some of this bread from Petty's it is THE best!) with tomato soup. Sidenote - my Juliska ramekins are the perfect size to hold half a can of tomato soup, Dave had the other half and it was just the right amount! (Lindy this is for you)

Parmesan chicken, potato latkes and grilled veggies. Yum!

So after finally conquering the dirty dishes I decided to take the night off. A friend of mine had told me there was a brand new "state of the art" Taco Bueno nearby and I just had to check it out.  A little background for you, I have always been a loyal Bueno fan. We grew up having Bueno nights at our house and we all looked forward to it. I always got the same thing and have ventured outside of the box a couple of times but have stuck to my main faves throughout the year. That would be cheese nachos, a party burrito and a crispy beef taco for all you weirdos out there who care.

I convinced Dave to go with me, as he has yet to find "his order" at Bueno and I didn't want to have to guess.
We pulled up and I first noticed the sign was totally new and the interior looked more like a taco cabana than a Bueno.

While waiting in the drive through lane, I had to share my excitement with my brother, who is also a huge fan of Bueno. (I remember one Thanksgiving when he was younger, he suggested we have Bueno and Wendy's chicken nuggets for Thanksgiving instead of the usual turkey and vegetables.)
Here's how our convo went:

Now if they just served margaritas I'd consider dining at this new Bueno for date night.


opal said...

You make me hungry for Mexi dips and chips!

katie@tulsadetails said...

Ha! My first unofficial date with my husband was at Taco Bueno! I am a #7 fan - cheese nachos and two fajita chicken tacos.

Unknown said...

i care...

Sweet Simplicity said...

I have to stop by Utica this afternoon and will definitely be making a stop at Petty's for that bread. It looks so good!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just have to! And ps that sandwhich and soup looks amazing!